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Homo Is Who Homo Does

It had to happen at some point.

Making his dislike of you very public and very official, Pope Francis has received Father Martina, Society of Queers, at the Vatican.

Not in a private capacity, mind, as a brief encounter to swap tales from the bathhouse, or such like edifying stories among the Queeruits. No, it was in the same room in which, normally, ambassadors and other personalities the Pope receives in his official capacity are met.

What this means, is that the man is really showing a very long finger to you, my dear reader, and to all of us.

It can be that the Evil Clown is perverted himself, and at this point only the most incurable Pollynnas would be surprised if it turned out that way. It can also be that, having been elected thanks to the support of the Homo Lobby, he is simply paying his dues and protecting his sore-assed sponsors. In both cases, his behaviour indicates the most shocking inability to prove any disgust when confronted with sodomy, and any fear of the Lord in general.

Still, unless he repents before dying, I can imagine that the man will spend eternity surrounded by the same acidic, bitchy individuals, like Father Martina, he so enjoys meeting now. Homo is who homo does, in the end; and of all the heresies this disgraceful individual has promoted, the homoheresy might be remembered as the most provocative and insulting one.

We, who believe in God and know that Providence is working every second with inescapable exactness, can smile at the two homos – whether real or honorary – so desperately, petulantly looking for a stage. They certainly think that there will be no God punishing them after they die (which is the only alternative to both being actual Satanists); but make no mistake, they will have their reward.

Dear reader, arm yourself with patience, a rosary, and – in you can – some sense of humour as you see these clown thinking that there is no God. It can be that this situation goes on for many more decades, and I personally think we will almost all be dead when sanity returns. But this does not have to discourage us. It is already decreed in which moment exactly we will die, and the only thing we have to do is to stay faithful to our religion until that day and have a robust hope that the Lord’s Mercy will reward us for that.

In all this, Francis really has nothing to say.

Joan Of Arc And The Deranged, Angry Shaman

If you want a clear sign of the stupidity of the times in which we are living, look no further than to Greta Thunberg.

A clearly deranged, bigoted, ignorant, officially mentally challenged, and extremely arrogant girl has politicians from many Countries, and equally deranged people all over the West, looking at her as if she was Joan of Arc. She is, in fact, exactly the contrary of that great Saint.

Joan believed in God, with a faith so strong she stunned her very faithful contemporaries. Greta has clearly no faith at all. Joan was evidently so intelligent that she could be a credible military commander. Greta is mentally ill. Joan had the trust of a King in the extremely delicate matter of war conduct. Greta is merely used by politicians looking for short-term advantage and the promotion of a radical agenda. Joan was strong and independent. Greta is fragile and clearly manipulated every minute of her life.

Greta Thunberg is the perfect image of our times: mentally ill, deranged, with an arrogance only surpassed by her own ignorance, thinking that the world must bow to her mental illness. She should be under strict medical supervision, and it is a mystery to me how a country like Sweden does not force her to actually go to school.

I do not make excuses for her. At her age, she has the duty to be aware of the utter stupidity of her lay preaching. Also, she is not totally retarded. But certainly, the astonishing self-centredness of this arrogant girl has been fuelled all the way by her equally deranged parents and, now, by the Antiindustrial Socialist Complex riding this very dumb tiger.

What appears clear in this confused, deranged girl and in those who are deranged enough to believe in her message is an absolute lack of faith. It is impossible to believe in a Creator of one billion galaxies and be persuaded that His creation can be endangered by chimneys, car exhausts, or the farts of cows. It is just plain damn senseless, faithless stupidity.

Alas, an army of faithless parents have raised an army children just as faithless, with the added arrogance of those who, likely, never got even slapped by their parents and think, at 16, that the world must do as they say.

Have no mercy at all for Greta and her ilk. Mock her, and them, mercilessly.

Enough with the modern , heathenish religion of earth and its deranged, angry shamans.

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