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For The Record: Francis’ Pachamama Apostasy Documented

I would like to have on my blog the official record of Francis’ apostasy from the Catholic Faith.

In the statement mentioned and reported in this article, Francis refers to the statues as “statue della Pachamama”, statues of the Pachamama.

He does not deny what these statues are. Therefore, every statement that they were not there with  idolatrous intentions is as stupid as Francis himself.

It is like putting a statue of Buddha on the altar and saying that there are no idolatrous intentions. It is like filling a church with Swastikas and stating that they are not there to support the Nazi ideology. As Francis very well knows, Pachamama is a pagan idol.

I honestly see this as outright apostasy. The man seems to consider normal that orthodox Catholicism may include veneration of Pachamama. This is religious syncretism at its most obvious. This puts Francis square outside of the Church, then he is the pope and can certainly not claim that he is not fully aware of the implications of this idolatry.

This toxic, satanical guy must be removed.





SSPX Reacts To Pope Pachamama

The Society of St Pius X has issued a statement about the Synod on the Amazon. 

It is, no doubt, the strongest statement ever come from the SSPX concerning the troubled times we are living. They also state:

On Sunday, November 10th, 2019, each priest of the Society will celebrate a Mass of reparation, and in each chapel, the Litanies of the Saints, taken from the liturgy of the Rogations, will be sung or recited to ask God to protect His Church and to spare it from the punishments that such acts cannot fail to draw down upon it. We urge all priest friends, as well as all Catholics who love the Church, to do the same.

I invite all the faithful to participate to this initiative.

The statement of the SSPX is very apposite. Still, I allow myself to explain here what else I would have wanted from this statement, and what I hope future statements will contain.

  1. An open accusation of Francis as an apostate or, at least, a heretic, and
  2. The call for an imperfect Council declaring that he has deposed himself.

I do not think for a moment that behind the choice of not doing this may be the fear of losing whatever “privileges” Francis has accorded to them. No follower of the SSPX could ever care a dried fig whether Francis recognises the Sacraments imparted by the SSPX or not. In my eyes, the SSPX is fearful that, if they start with this Crusade, they will stump it, as every Bishop and Cardinal who dares to say half a word against Francis will be accused of being a “schismatic” like those pesky Traditionalist people. In short, it might colour the entire movement with the kind of tinge that the mainstream avoids.

Still, it seems to me that extreme times call for extreme measures. If no other Bishops and Cardinals call for the events mentioned above (Bishop Gracida, in a way, does; but he has fixated himself on the Conclave. This is a dead end of dubious chances, and impossible to push through without the real argument, which is Francis’ heresies and, at this point, open apostasy), then I think that it is for the SSPX to do it and put themselves, as people used to say, “at the head of the movement”.

I understand that this would not be something going on from inside the Hierarchy (whilst the SSPX has valid orders, they certainly are not a part of the Church command structure). Still, at this point I would prefer a call for an imperfect Council from the SSPX, even if not followed or attacked and discredited for the very reason that it comes from them, to no call at all. And if you think that Cardinal Burke and Brandmueller could wake up from their King Theoden-esque slumber – and actually do something more than some encouraging talk and some praise for people with far more courage than them – I have a bridge on sale that I would like to offer to you first, but you have to act fast.

We live in disgraceful times. In front of such an apocalyptic pope, I think that the following generations of Catholics, and the Saints and Angels above, will be pleased with every call to depose this satanical guy, no matter how little the chances of success.

It would be very sad if history would record this pontificate in the same way as the one of Honorius: open heresy, and no action.

In case of Honorius, the action came after his death. In case of Francis, I doubt even that. One reason more to shoot with every available weapon at this Pontificate, and the SSPX would certainly be a massive tank in itself.






Joe Biden Denied Holy Communion

Well, this is rather big: Joe Biden has been denied Holy Communion.

First of all, mind this: there will be no scarcity of bishops and cardinals willing to allow Biden to receive Holy Communion live on tv, and I fear for the courageous priest who, like Father Guarnizo, decided that a Catholic priest must act like he is, actually, a Catholic priest. My Rosary today is for him.

Still, the echoes of this will reverberate for a long time. It has finally happened, and it has happened with one of the most shameless, most high-profile CINOs around. Poor Joe will now have to assure himself he will be allowed to receive, everytime, before going to Church! I can almost hear him: “c’mon, man!”

The abortion issue will be in the news for a while, because the likes of Breitbart are already riding this like the champs they are.

Another positive effect for us is the ability to stand up for Christ and calmly, proudly, assertively, explain the Doctrine of Transubstantiation to our colleagues and acquaintances who were to ask. You don’t need to be theologically deep, just explain it like a good peasant would have explained it to his son 100 or 150 years ago, when there were a lot of real Catholics around.

In short: this will not convert pope Francis or any other inveterate enemy of the Church, but will cause millions of poorly instructed, more or less indifferent, everyday people to stop and think; firstly about the issue of abortion, and secondly about the hypocrisy of their “moderate” Democratic candidate.

Let us make a long inning out of this before Joe’s next gaffe direct the attention of the masses elsewhere.

And keep the good priest in your prayers. The wolves are coming for him.

Pachamama Exposes The Hypocrisy Of The Hierarchy

We are informed that, at the closing Mass of the Pagan Synod, the statues of Pachamama were not present. This, apparently, because a number of Bishops and Cardinals told Francis that they would refuse to participate if that had been the case.

You would think this good news. I am not so sure.

To tell the Pope that you refuse to participate to Mass with him is a very serious step. It does not fall far from stating that the guy is not in communion with you. It certainly indicate very grave differences with the Pope (or, in this case, the pope; and may he die today).

It is clear that, in this case, the matter of contention is not one of the hundreds of heretical statements made by the Evil Clown. It is, specifically, the presence of the pagan idols of Pachamama and the adoration offered to them.

Therefore, a number of Bishops and Cardinals considers the Pachamama incidents such grave episodes of idolatry, that they cannot be in the Church if the pagan idols are present.

Very well, then. Who these Bishops and Cardinals think responsible for these statues? Do they think that all happened because of evil people who did not inform the Pope that these are pagan goddesses adored by savages? Do they think that Francis is kept isolated from the outside world, and is not responsible for the idolatry? Do they think that it was not Francis, but his evil twin who asked the Italian Government for help in the recovery (if such took place; it is not difficult to get some more statues from Bolivia in all that time; and I would have expected the statues to show permanent signs of their very long bath) of the wooden idols?

Thought not.

This can mean only one thing: a number of Bishop and Cardinals know perfectly well that these statues represent pagan deities, and that pope Francis encourages and takes part in their idolatry. But they don’y say anything in public about this. 

The awareness of such a gross violation of the First Commandment, and the silence in front of it, is a shame just as big as Francis’ idolatry; just as Francis knows what he is doing, and still acts, the Bishops and Cardinals know what he is doing, and still remain silent. They are accomplices in his idolatry.

They will have to answer one day, with him, of his violation of the First Commandment.



Francis In Action

Satanical pope Francis was guaranteed to do something childish after the pagan statues of Pachamama were thrown into the River and recovered by the Carabinieri. I am informed the church of S. Maria in Traspontina had his pews rearranged around the recovered Pagan idols.

This has, of course, the effect that some of the pews will give the shoulder to Our Lord in the Tabernacle.

Why would this bother our heretic in chief? Francis never cared to show any respect for Christ before, why would it start now? No. What was important to him was the double slap in the face of the faithful.

You stole my pagan idols? I now force you to see them in the middle of the Church, replacing God’s worship.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! Frankie would never be so stupid! This would be too open an offence to Our Lord and His Church!”

There are photos somewhere. It’s really the desecration of a church and its transformation into a pagan temple. There is no shame and no apology. The statues are depicted with the red belly, signifying the pregnancy, of Pachamama. This is what these wooden figures clearly represent: pagan idols.

And yes, Francis is so stupid.

Bill Maher Manages to Be Half Right

Bill Maher certainly has the wrong mind set in everything; but at times he has a clarity of thinking many other leftards miss.   

The attached video is a good example.

Maher’s theory: the bigoted anti-Trump troops will vote for the Dem candidate anyway. It’s the “middle of the road” ones who need to be persuaded. The way to persuade them is to avoid shouting about the issues that satisfy that 5% or 10% of utter nutcases and alienate the moderate element. The rest will come of itself, because even many Republican voters don’t like Trump.

Maher is right in that a moderate will always have better chances against Trump than a bigoted extremist. However, I think that he neglects the following points:

  1. These people are trying to win the Primary. No one knows how many senseless bigots are going to vote in the Primaries, but anecdotal experience says: a lot. It is of no use to be the sensible Dem candidate, if the sensible Dem candidate is too sensible for the mob out there. This is exactly why Bloomberg decided not to run. Maher does not touch on this.
  2. It is not guaranteed that the bigots will vote for the moderate Democrat candidate in November 2020. You see, Mr Maher: they are bigots. Many of them will enjoy staying home – or voting Green, or waste their vote in another way – enjoying the defeat of one they consider a traitor. This will be an important factor in many of those who represent, say, the 20% most leftist part of the Democrat electorate. Just look at how well Sanders did in 2016, and how Hillary repelled many of his fans.
  3. Mr Maher keeps making the mistake these people have been making for many years now: they believe their own fake news. Trump disliked by 69% of Republicans? In which planet? Has the man ever been to a Trump rally, and be it only via PC screen?

Maher’s reasoning is faulty in that he does not stop to consider *why* so many Dem candidates are intent on this suicidal run to the extreme left (answer: because they fear it is the only way to win a nomination process likely dominated by bigoted, senseless morons).

Still, he is right in the fundamental reasoning, and reality is confirming his theory: even a painfully senile, extremely vulnerable, embarrassingly incompetent Biden is doing better than all those far left nutcases, and you can be sure that, when the primaries begin, you will see a further alignment towards moderate positions, because then it is the “real thing”, not an exercise to which only the bigots feel really motivate to participate.

Be it as it may, the Dems face a very difficult task. Unless the economy tanks seriously, Trump will be a very strong incumbent.

As it stands I see no one, transgender policies or not, that can defeat him.




Apostles Of Virtue

Take these institutions:

So-called Church of England.

UK Royal Family

Parts of the Catholic Clergy

Teaching Professions

Police (in the UK)

What do they all have in common? The loss of the high degree of social prestige and influence enjoyed in past decades. In short: people used to like them, believe in them, respect them, have a high degree of connection to them.

Societal changes – often helped by the same institutions – have now reduced this influence to a shadow of its former self.

The so-called CoE pastor is the one who clearly does not believe in God himself. The Britidh Monarchy is only good for opening kindergartens and have their infidelities and hypocrisies used as trash press fodder. The Catholic priest has a suspiciously high-pitched voice. The teacher is the one who helps people no *not* learn to write, compute and think. The neighbourhood “Bobber” has all but disappeared, and the Police will now visit you if you call a wretch of a human being with the right pronoun.

What do all these groups do to cling to their social position – which also means: jobs -? They become the new Apostles Of Virtues, bombarding all of us with their notions – born of the alleged moral superiority they still think they have – of correct behaviour, correct talking, even correct thinking.

Surprisingly, it works, because the general public – unable to write properly, much less think autonomously – still largely shares the idea that these people are “better than them”. This is what gave us all the pc policies of the last, say, 20 years.

Alas, the wall of public subservience is showing some cracks. More and more people are looking around themselves, and they are realising that the pontificating, but faithless pastor is a waste of space; the Royals are, with some exception, a bunch of useless, hypocritical scroungers, and it’s getting worse with every generation; the high-pitched priest is trying to deflect from his own homosexuality; the teacher is an abject human and professional failure; and the “bobber” is no more, though Joe Smith may have known the enforcer of online politeness already.

When entire categories of people become useless or perceive a great loss of social prestige, the Virtue Signalling cannot be far away. Western societies are too rich to perceive the huge waste in resources and common sense that these people cause.

Slowly, some people are waking up. Trump, Brexit, Salvini, Bolsonaro are helping them to recover the old, solid, sane way of thinking. But it is a long march, with uncertain outcome.

Do not tire in being among the voices of sanity.

It’s us sane people against the fake, arrogant, pompous, empty Apostles Of Virtue.

The Downfall

I remember the days when pope Francis’ scandals were emerging in the matter of, say, one a week.

Ah, blessed times of innocence!

Nowadays it is much, much worse than that.

Michael Voris has cared to make an extensive list of all the scandals which came to light in the last weeks alone, and they are… a lot! 

Besides the obvious lack of faith of this satanical pope, what I find really staggering is the degree of incompetence of the man.

Francis always reminds me of one of those Central and South American governments that were not uncommon in the Seventies and Eighties. They were, as a whole, glaring examples of thieving attitude, arrogance and economic incompetence.

Francis has taken everything from them. He just does not manage to do anything right. It does not make sense to try to ascribe the chaos he has engendered to some astute plan. There is nothing astute in looking a cretin every day that God sends on earth. No, this is just another example of an idiot put an the top of a big organisation by thieving bastards, and in cahoots with them, helping his clique of sodomites and thieves to do whatever they want, from sodomy to embezzlement to heresy. As in the governments I mentioned before (but I could make other non-Southern American examples of staggering, thieving incompetence: Taylor in Liberia, or Mugabe in Zimbabwe also come to mind), there is no intention or desire to even try to run things properly. It’s party time, and the clique in charge will party to the end, probably thinking that, with the Cardinal appointments made by Francis, the party ill have no end.

Similarly, criticism is countered with aggressive attacks (as in those Governments mentioned above). It’s not their fault, it’s us being Catholics, and actually normal.

Even an idiot like Francis must, at this point, recognise that he just cannot do jack without botching everything. His plan to remake the church in his image only had sense (in its own perverted logic) if the man had had the ability to introduce change “on the sly”, in a very subdued and gradual manner, boiling the frog of popular piety in a very slow way.

But this is not Francis.

Francis is arrogant, impious, and ignorant. But most of all, he is – by God’s grace – so damn stupid.

The idea that he can transform Catholicism into a sort of Santeria cult openly, publicly, and get away with it is too dumb for words. One must be blinded by Satan to even think of that.

Francis is one blinded by Satan, who never had a properly functioning brain to begin with. Satan’s fool, this is who Francis is.

The day will soon come when he discovers it; and who knows, he might even like it, then I want to be on record with stating that I do not consider satanism beyond the reach of such an evil, stupid mind.

Francis’ downfall is certain. We are seeing it even on this earth, as he demolishes himself and his disgraceful papacy day by day.


The Truth About Pachamama, Straight From Argentina

I receive this from Argentinian reader Marcela

Hi from Argentina, I am glad real catholics are seeing the sheer evil behind all his Pachamama cult, it is deeply rooted in the traditions of amerindian people in north Argentina, Bolivia, Peru. The Pachamama represents the “mother earth” in the shape of a woman, these statuettes with the red belly are depicting one important ritual in this pagan cult in which women pour their menstrual blood on the soil as an offering to the mother earth, many women do this here in those rituals, Argentina and latin america in general aren’t really catholic, the renmants of centuries of paganism prior to Columbus are lingering and hard to erase, even people who say they are catholic participate in these rituals and sadly the dirty old man Bergoglio keeps encouraging this disgusting evil.

Well, this gives the lie about all the tales of “our lady of the Amazon”, a poor, satanic excuse for the introduction of pagan idols within Catholicism. Those who propagate such lie are accomplices, even if in good faith, of the satanic work of this pope, because if you are so damn stupid that you don’t understand simple things you should just not write about them.

That the Blessed Virgin, Destroyer of Heresies, be abused to cover pagan idolatry makes my blood boil.

As to the man, I have stopped long ago to think anything good about his mother (if you know what I mean). I will, from now on, honour the man with the title “pope”, with lower case p, as I have seen done elsewhere.

Mind, he clearly is the pope. But he is a pope obviously controlled and driven by Satan. Denying him a capital P is still way too nice.

Die soon, pope Francis. With God’s help, you will kick the bucket today, and no tears on your tomb. I hope one day your corpse will follow the Pachamama statues in the Tiber.

Down there, at the bottom of it, eaten by animals, is where it belongs.



Pray For The Pachamama Heroes

After the wonderful video of the abduction and swimming lessons (alas, they failed!) for the pagan idols adored by pope Francis, it is time to pray for the heroes who executed this world-celebrated feat.

Make no mistake, there will be people at the Vatican who will try to have the men found and prosecuted; something which, if extremely unlikely to ever result in jail terms, might negatively affect the lives of the people involved. If Matteo Salvini had still been in power, you could have been reasonably sure that nothign would have come out of it, as the police in Rome have better things to do than go after men of God. But Matteo Salvini is not in power (for now), and you never know where the lurid tentacles of the Vatican might reach.

These courageous men deserve our prayers.

I invite all of my readers to recite their rosary, today, for the welfare of the courageous men who gave us all an example of strong faith in action, and a very good laugh at that.



Christus Vincit. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperat.

Pope Pachamama Makes Conclave Discussions A Useless, Counterproductive Waste Of Time


The recent open apostasy of Pope Pachamama, with a pagan deity brought around in procession, makes every discussion about the validity of the Conclave even more superfluous, useless and counterproductive than it ever was. I see in this obsession the remnant of those papolatrous instincts unfortunately spread among converts, particularly in the Anglo Saxon world.

The Holy Ghost has never promised that the Pope would be a holy man. Therefore, when confronted with a monstrous Papacy like Francis’, one does not have to conclude that he could never be Pope. If a guy like John XXII – whose abstruse theological convictions put him square at variance with the words of Our Lords in the Gospel – could be validly elected Pope, so can Francis.

The apostasy of Francis stares us in the face. Francis now openly mocks us with it, because he has seen that the likes of Burke & Co. are such cowards that they will never react with a call for an Imperfect Council.

Notice the dynamics here: Pope Francis provokes Catholics only one step at a time, because his innate cowardice suggests to him that he should not try to do what could prove fatal to him. Every time, he sees that no reaction comes. Every time, he is emboldened to do more, because he hates all of us and there is no end to the humiliations he wants to inflict on us all.

Pachamama is the fruit of the cowardice of Bishops and Cardinals on Amoris Laetitia. Without the latter, we would never have had the former. At the same time, Pachamama is such an open, obvious instance of pagan idolatry, that all discussions about Amoris Laetitia must be overshadowed by this new scandal; which is so obvious, so much in-your-face, so openly insulting that every doubt about the real intentions of this Pope must be rejected even more strongly than before.

Bishops and Cardinals: Pope Pachamama is provoking and humiliating you as he spits in the face of that Christ he hates.

Will you finally man up?



Pachamama Drowns Into The Tiber

Please stop what you are doing, make some popcorn and go to the Barnhardt site, where two versions of a wonderful video exist: wooden statues of “Pachamama” taken away from the church and thrown into the river, where they belong.

Oh, joy! Oh, what a laugh! And the politically incorrect act of throwing them all in the Tiber!

Of course, the Tiber is highly symbolic here. Heretics were thrown in the Tiber. Pope Formosus – after the synodus horrenda – was, too!

One wonders what other modern Pope might have deserved to have his corpse thrown into the river after his execution for manifest heresy. Of course, one would have to declare him deposed first. Alas, we don’t do these things anymore. Not Christian enough, you see.

My rosary tonight is for the people who have done this.

One video says more than 1000 blog articles.

Rosary Suggestions

The Vatican has apparently launched an erosary app allowing people to pray the Rosary.

Let us set aside for the moment the fact that the Rosary app might actually track your use. Let us also forget that there are, in fact, plenty of free apps out there to do exactly the same.

What, as always, grates me is the wordliness.

The app is apparently destined to pray the Rosary “for peace”.

Nothing in FrancisChurch is to do with Christ, with Salvation, or with sin. Everything they do is directed toward the fashionable cares of the world, like the obsession with peace and with the environment; and in order to promote these issues nothing is safe: from the hammer and sickle crucifix Francis gratefully received, to the Rosary “for peace”.

I suggest to all my readers that they pray their Rosary today for the end of this Pontificate.

Who knows, if you are prayers are answered and God’s Grace help us, the Rosary might be seen again as an instrument for the salvation of souls.

How I Solved The Amazon’s Priest Problem And Made Everybody Happy

I have, thanks to a sudden inspiration of the Spirit, solved once and for all the problem of the lack of priests in the Amazons.

The rescue of the local souls will take place as follows.

1. A contingent of US Bishops, of those who love to talk about inequality the most, will be sent down there first. These worthy men of the cloth will, certainly, enthusiastically follow the call to “become poor”, and “be the other”. Their example will cause the entire world to wonder at their saintliness. Including auxiliary bishops, we should have at least 100 new “priests” down there in no time. Oh, what a wonderful example of modesty and dedication they will give!!

2. The second contingent will be formed of those clerics (from simple priests to Monsignors to Bishops) from South America who have, at some stage in their career, praised the governments of Venezuela or Bolivia as examples of social justice in action. No doubt, they will be delighted to be transferred to a region where the simple, but profound spirituality of the locals (people, remember, from whom the Church can learn much) will make it so much easier to edificate communities of sincere Christians, who put solidarity before possessions in harmony with the message of our beloved Pope Francis. I would say that 100 to 200 of these worthy individuals will be found in no time.

3. Should this still not be sufficient, more innovative measures will be adopted. The priests in the press offices or PR departments of all European Dioceses will be required to march down there at once. No active priestly duties will be found missing in ole Europe. The worthy clerics will, as always, teach everybody how to do it. In particular, the German staffeln will soon educate everyone to the German, that is, correct way of doing everything, ja?

There. Up to 500 consecrated priests sent down in two weeks. Should take care of the locals all right.

Oh, wonderful example of piety and disinterest! Oh, multinational cooperation of souls! Oh, moving example of loving embrace between the pen and the tattoo, the PhD and the profound spirituality of the forest! Oh, beautiful ecology of Saint Greta The Holy Fool Of God!

This is so humble, so eco, so Francis that I am sure that the Spirit is involved in this from the very start!

I expect my canonisation between 12 and 18 months after my death, which will happen as late as practically feasible.

My monument shall be placed in the Vatican Garden.

In the exact place where, now, heathen gods are worshiped.

Sticks And Stones Might Ruin Your Career

A transsexual individual mentioned by Dave Chappelle in his latest, supposedly “transphobic” (whatever that means) stand-up comedy show has committed suicide, and the leftist mob must now decide whether Chappelle is to be crucified of not.

Chappelle is a leftist of the rarer sort (the thinking one) and he has been in the past an advocate for the First Amendment. Leftists are enemies of the First amendment, and they might try to destroy the man just to make the point that whoever dares to rebel to the leftist mind control will be destroyed.

On the other hand, there are several elements that might persuade the leftist PC mob to pick another sacrificial victim. Chappelle belongs, like the suicide, to an Officially Protected Species (he is Black), he is a very popular guy, and if the attack fails he will mock the pc mob troops for the rest of his life. Food for thoughts, methinks.

Breitbart points out that the suicide was actually in a cordial relationship with Chappelle. I find it irrelevant. The First Amendment is not restricted to friends.

We will see how this pans out as it will be an interesting barometer of the struggle of the pc troops to totally control the speech (and, with that, the mind) of the American People.

As for the poor wretch, you may do worse than saying an eternal rest for him, albeit his final destination appears probable enough (whiny and sugary suicide note). He killed himself in the end. Apparently, an astonishing percentage of these people do.

The brutal truth is that one who lucidly decides to try to change himself from a man to a woman is already in the hands of the enemy to such an extent, that the suicide appears a mere securing the prey rather than capturing it.

As to you, my dear reader, keep mocking all the perversions of the times without any mercy. The wise man castigat ridendo mores, and God knows the mores are atrocious enough.

Teach Your Children Well

Sometime during the weekend I have read a blog post of some blogger, reflecting on whether children should be prepared to the sad realities of our time.

In my eyes not only this should happen, but it should have happened with several Popes of the past.

Children are highly impressionable , and well-disposed to absorb what their parents tell them. A 5 years old told that Francis is one of the baddies, but the Church is sacred and Indefectible, and God guides all good people no matter how confusing the times, will immediately reconcile this information with the reality he sees around him. On the contrary, a 5 years old told that Francis is the good uncle in white will, upon discovering the truth, doubt everything his parents have taught him; this, provided he does not take Francis’ part in the first place.

We would be much, much better off today if these harsh lessons had been taught to children in the sad times of Paul VI and John Paul The Tarmac Kisser. Those children would have, in much greater number, become adults allergic to all that childish and effeminate baggage of V II. They would, today, make for far better-prepared troops in the service of Christ.

Children understand good and evil. They do not expect earth to be a paradise. What they expect is that the loving voice of their parents give them guidance as to what is good and what is bad. Armed with these security, they will be able to walk through life in faith, and without questioning it the moment they realised that they have been lied to concerning Francis.

Teach your children well, my dear readers. Equip them for a long battle to come. They will, I think, be grateful to you forever.

From The Mouth Of A Devout Catholic

I received this comment from Kate R., an attentive reader above suspicion.

The comment was so good, and dripping such righteous, justified indignation, that I report it here, in its entirety, as an example of the right attitude and the right faith.

Congratulations to Kate R.

Please let us bring this energy to the discussions with friends & family.

God knows we need to be vocal in these disgraceful times.


The worst of all this is the inaction. It always has been the worst part of it. Evil and rogue popes, we get, apathetic, self-serving cowards and apostates posing as Bishops and Cardinals, we don’t.
Now we know. After seeing the pope hold a pagan ceremony, with naked idols that the participants bowed to and the pope blessed, since they have not called an imperfect council, it will never happen. Now some are entertaining the naked lady was the Blessed Mother. No one represents Our Lady as a nude, and certainly not as the pagans do with the red, inflamed uterus, because that is not Our Lady it is either Pachamama or Yacy, or Ruda, idols all, and the little man with the weewee is Guaracy. But this disgusting Vatican will now probably try to say it was Our Lady and I’m not buying it, are you? Reportedly, the pagans worship the uterus and menstrual cycle of women. Whatever. That’s why the uterus is red on the pregnant ladies. My God, I could go nuts just talking about this. This is insane. Are we all crackers?? We should be storming the Vatican and throwing him into the Tiber.

Back when the dubia were chatted about there were those who said Cdl. Burke will NEVER take a further step, that he was a fake conservative and was not going to make a stir by doing something concrete against Francis.
Well, one has to say they were right, because honestly, if demon worship in the Vatican garden so close to the tomb of St. Peter does not motivate you, then you cannot be motivated enough to get it done. And now we have confirmed for us what we suspected seeing the louse refuse to kneel before Christ. He doesn’t believe Jesus is divine. You could tell that by the miserable glare he gave Jesus every time. What a skunk.

Pagan Is Who Pagan Does

Pope Marcellinus famously sacrificed to the Pagan gods of the Romans. He did so to avoid execution; possibly an immediate, on the spot one.

He was still found to have no excuse, and an imperfect Council was held to have him (self) deposed.

How can, therefore, even the most obstinate Pollyanna not recognise that Francis did that, and worse than that, during the recent pagan ceremony held on October 4 in the Vatican Garden, in the presence of the Pope himself and several other prelates of questionable manliness?

Was Francis under duress? Could he claim that the Amazonian people – or, as far as I am concerned, my red fish – would have killed him if he had not attended? How is, therefore, Francis less deserving of both imperfect Council and deposition than Marcellinus? Of course he should have the possibility to repent and be kept in place, like his worthy, now canonized and martyred predecessor did. But the trial, he has certainly deserved.

Nor can it be said that the Pagan ritual is less of a pagan ritual because designated as the “consecration of the Synod to St. Francis”. Things are what they are.

Would Marcellinus have gotten away with it if he had called his sacrifice “consecration of the Roman Population to Jesus”? Clearly not, because in those times a Catholic was not able to think one tenth of the improbable excuses nowadays made for Francis by people calling themselves Catholic.

Even if we were to magically forget all the heresies of this satanical individual in the last six and a half years, this event alone would suffice for the convocation of an imperfect Council that gets us rid of him. And for the sake of completeness, it goes without saying that at this point it does not matter a jot if a schism would follow, then the level of deviation from any half way reasonable standard of Catholicism has now become such that any split of bishops should be not only not feared, but welcomed.

I wonder what excuses Burke & Co. (that is, those who are likely still Catholic and understand what is happening) are imagining for not acting? That Francis is old?

Heavens, have they looked at Benedict? What prevents Francis from being in charge for another ten years, perhaps more? And why would God in His Goodness solve the problem for the faithful, when those tasked with exactly that do nothing?

We do not have any right to have this burden taken away from us. It is far more likely that God will help us when we finally help ourselves. Which makes sense. Bishops who tolerate Francis’ satanical, pagan antics without doing anything deserve to have him around for a long time.

As for us poor Pewsitter, we take this as punishment for our own and our fathers’ sins. But if we think that we are entitled to the end of this mess, we are probably deserving more of it.

Meet Accomplice Emeritus

Pontiff Emeritus has received the last FrancisCardinals and has told them that they must be obedient to the Pope.

In theory, this is all logical. You cannot expect an Emeritus to say to the Cardinals that they should not obey to his successor.

In practice, it is more complicated than that.

Benedict must know – because he is old, but he is not gaga – that Francis is pushing a massive agenda of heresy and general enmity of Christ. He is also not really obliged to give speeches to Cardinals. Like every old man, he could have a headache, or one of many ailments not allowing him to tire himself.

However, as a Bishop of the Church, and one who even insists on saying that the spiritual obligations of a Pope remain duties of his, he is just as obliged as any other Bishop to defend Christ from the attack Francis is bringing on Him.

Does he do that? No. Not at all.

Does he express his condemnation of Francis in a safer, more diplomatic way? No, he does not do that, either.

It would have been very easy, for an intelligent man like him, to profit from this public occasion to give a lesson to Francis. It would have been so easy as to say to the Cardinal that they owe obedience to Christ first. He could have reminded the Cardinal of their duty to not believe even an angel, if the angel wants to teach them some novelty never thought before.

He could have done all that and more, and he did nothing.

I am very sorry to bust the Benedict Bubble of some of my readers, but it is as plain as the sun that Benedict cannot wash his hands of responsibility again. Not only has he culpably avoided issuing a condemnation of Francis as heretic, he even tells the Cardinals they must obey to him when he perfectly well knows the situation and the many calls to the Cardinals to do just that.

It is beyond me how some people can concoct in their minds the utter fantasy of a Benedict that would be a sort of dissident who does not dissent, a persecuted guy who lives in comfort where he wants to live, an opponent of the Pope who tells the Cardinals to obey Francis, a secluded Rapunzel who can talk to journalists any time he wants, and a defender of Catholicism who actually never does that.

I don’t know what this guy’s problem is. At his age, even being sent to exile to Kathmandu must not appear a very terrible punishment, particularly with his judgment staring him in the face.

My atrocious suspicion is that, besides being so horribly gregarious, Benedict really thinks that the Holy Ghost is inspiring Francis. This is not such a huge stretch for one who certainly thinks that the Holy Ghost inspired the Second Vatican Council.

It is sad to see this old man marching towards what looks like almost certain hell with his infirm pace. But the reality is in front of us all, and silly fantasies about the secret chief of the opposition who actually never opposes the government are not worthy of thinking men.

The Emeritus is Francis’ accomplice.

It’s as simple as that.

Why The Synod Takes Place In Rome

One of the things one notices about the disgraceful Synod Of The Savages is that… it does not take place in the Amazonas.

We were not given the privilege to see the Pope (who flies absolutely everywhere without any compunction for the use emissions he causes) flying on the same aeroplane with his chosen FrancisBishops and Franciscardinals to Manaus, whence they jump into their modest indigenous vehicles and, closely followed by cameras, immerse themselves in the spirituality of the deep Amazonian forest as they travel to a place where the local savages have traditionally practiced their own heathen rituals; from which, we are told, we and they, the Pope and Bishops and Cardinals, have an awful lot to learn.

Not really. Instead, it appears the synod dealing oh so movingly with the spirituality we can learn from the trees and the spirit of the forest sees the Holy Pope Of The Earth and his Environmentally Conscious Holy Bishops not anywhere near the ones or the other. He has, in fact, remained in the Vatican, where the spiritual call of the Mother Forest and the simple chant of the Savagepriest cannot be heard, even one bit!

A shame! A shame, I tell you! The TV-broadcast march of the Holy, Modest Men as they open their way in the forest, and their hearts to it, amidst Kumbaya chants and the simple sound created by the local spirituality would have been the media event of the decade! What an opportunity to learn an “integral ecology”, and grow spiritually listening to what the Spirit has whispered to the Holy Savages, away from the trappings of Capitalism!

I think I know why they decided to talk about the spirituality of the forest from the comfort of the palaces inside the (hateful, and clearly Unchristian) Leonine Walls.

There are no gay saunas in the Amazonas!

Apocalypse (Not Quite) Now

The notorious Savagery Synod has just started, and it is already abundantly clear what its leitmotiv is going to be: the attempt at remaking the Church – to what extent remains to be seen – according to a mythical will of the Holy Ghost, of which the Evil Clown is the only interpreter and intermediary.

Francis is playing a sort of modern, very fat, extremely cantankerous sybilla, and we have to bow to the inspiration he receives, or else.

Without me, you damn idiot.

The recent announcement that the Vatican deficit is double than expected seems to indicate that my sentiments are shared by a growing number of Italian – and, no doubt, foreign – Catholics who, tired with the antics of this evil old man, have decided to deny the Church the amount of their tax bill for which they can choose the destination. A wonderful irony, this one, because the modern system of choice between earmarking a part of one’s bill either for the Church or for state-sponsored activities is a result of the Church losing – by express will and with explicit consent of the V II Church, with John Paul The Tarmac Kisser not so happily reigning – Her status of State Religion.

And so we have the pathetic spectacle of an old nincompoop who, out of sheer hatred for the Church, wants to demolish as much of her as he can before he stretches his paws as he sinks more and more into irrelevance. Newsflash: he will fail.

Catholics will remain Catholic, though it is fair to assume that God’s Providence will provide for a great number of Reprobates in the years and decades to come. There is no amount of antics that can persuade a person with his heart in the right place, and a modicum of fear of the Lord, that God has suddenly changed, and in fact it takes a disingenuousness and self-deception of gigantic proportions to even conceive an absurd monstrosity like this one. But hey, there is no scarcity of perverts, fornicators, perverts, atheists, cowards, perverts and perverts among our Prelates, the Press and the so-called “progressive catholics”: they will be Francis’ main audience, and he will die with their effeminate applause in his ears.

This Amazon Synod is an opportunity – allowed by Providence – for countless Pollyannas to do something serious for their salvation and finally choose Christ over this sad excuse of a Pope.

I suggest that you don’t lose sleep over this. Prepare yourself for robust discussions with prayer and penance, instructing and refreshing yourself with good Catholic knowledge. But don’t let this cretin cloud your serenity.

I used to spend uneasy, or outright sleepless nights because of Francis. Garrigou-Lagrange’s “Providence” put an end to that.

Be in good spirit. The Apocalypse will, one day, befall Francis and his ilk. We will, however, live and die Catholic, and may our prayers help us, with God’s grace, on our way to Salvation.

Pope Eco Loon Plants A Tree

I was very pleased to read that the Evil Clown will symbolically plant a tree to show how very ecological he is etc. Etc.

This kind of cheap, cheesy PR stunts will damage him among Catholics and, by being praised by the wrong crowd, will help even those who are still not red pilled yet (and boy, they are late!) to finally understand what is going on.

Religious should never try to emulate politicians. When they do, they unavoidably damage themselves in the long run for the fleeting satisfaction of the headlines in the short term. The eco warrior in cassock, or priestly suit, is the perfect image of the guy who just doesn’t get it. All those who are more interested in salvation than in the next tree (broadly speaking, they should coincide with the Elect) will immediately feel that all this is as off as last month’s carrots. The eco loons (many of them, assuredly, Reprobates) will immediately embrace the stuff or, in case, criticise it because not looney enough, thus further alerting the first group as to the kind of people the Evil Clown is stupidly trying to court.

Francis does not get this because, having no faith, he is unable to even imagine how the brains of the faithful work. To him, vacuous slogans and an empty search for popularity is all there is, whilst his obvious hatred for the Church makes his stupidity more fun, at least for as long as he lives.

I hope the guy keeps planting trees, starts going to the funeral of glaciers and publicly invites teenager to not go to school in order to aggrandize him. The wrong crowd will be delighted, but the people who count will be terrified.

Keep planting trees, Frankie boy.

Show everybody what a joke you are.

On Salvini, The Crucifix, And The Tortellini

The Italian Trump, Matteo Salvini, criticised two recent anti-Christian moves in Italy: the proposal to remove the Crucifix from classrooms and the traitorous decision of the Archbishop Cardinal of Bologna to have, for the feast of the Patron, tortellini made with chicken instead of pork, you easily imagine why.

Salvini criticises and then reflects whether he is the best man for it, because he is a sinner.

My answer to this is: we all are, Signor Salvini.

God works in mysterious and often unexpected ways. Countless times, He has used improbable characters for His purposes.

The tribal chiefs whose conversion led to the christianisation of England were certainly no saints, either before or, it is to be suspected, after their conversion. The lesser chiefs and common people who then converted because of tribal customs were also quite improbable speakers for their new religion. But this is how it works.

The Cathars were forced to convert or die. Not many champions of orthodoxy about them, I am sure. But how many Cathars has France now?

Do not reject good deeds because they come from people who are below par. Encourage and support politicians who are committed to the right policies for the public, and let the Lord deal with their private failings.

The man who gave Italy the long-desired peace with the Church was – at that time – a public atheist and public concubine. He married canonically merely because the Church made of this a precondition of the agreement. He remained, all his life, a first-class philanderer. But he changed the Country and helped the Church to become a formidable force in Italy. He was good enough for Pius XI, who very rightly called him “l’ uomo della Provvidenza”. You work with what God gives you.

Please remember this every time you vote. Please do not help Christian values to be defeated just because those who would lead you to victory are below your standard. And please always support the Salvinis of the world, when you know they are batting for the right team.

God knows, these days we cannot afford to be choosy.

The Rhine Flows Into The Styx

It is reported that there is a lot of German money and influence behind the Amazon Synod. In their perspective, it makes sense.

If you want to demolish the rules of the Church you must sow as much chaos as possible, so that you don’t stick out. As a global controversy rages, they will be able to proceed to the demolition of the Church in Germany with much less hassle. As long as Francis lives, they will be covered and protected from disciplinary measures. When Francis dies, they will spread favours and money right and left to get the right “climate” for a candidate convenient to them; not a difficult task, bar Divine intervention, as Francis has now appointed a great number of Cardinals made after his liking.

This scale of evil can only be explained in one way: these people are atheists, all of them. They see themselves as functionaries of a huge, secular NGO they want to keep prospering, procuring influence and privilege to them for as long as they live. They want to change the Church like you would try to change the electoral manifesto of a party.

At this point, the Rhine is flowing directly into the Styx. One might say “may the Lord have mercy on them all”, but by this scale of evil it appears pretty clear that, bar perhaps some isolated exception, He won’t, too big is here the scale and intensity of the attack.

In pure German fashion, you have the fake orthodox Cardinal (Woelki) giving pre-arranged “warnings” about the Atrocious Earthquake that is being announced. After which, again in pure German fashion, a Lesser Earthquake will take place, which at this point will seem a “moderate”, “sensible” solution instead of…. a veritable earthquake. After a while, the next earthquake will be undertaken, because at that point the entire region will be highly seismic.

It really is the unfolding of an evil plan carefully planned years ago.

The Rhine will flow into the Styx. Stay away from it.

Heresy vs Mistreating The Dog: Why The Faul Conclave Strategy Is A Mistake

Prominent personalities in the Church are now calling for an investigation into the legitimacy of Pope Francis’ election.

I do think, as I did before, that this is useless and counterproductive.

It is counterproductive, because once you go along this road there will be no end of such controversies in the future, it being extremely easy to state that X met Y and Y met Z, and they “conspired”. It would, in my opinion, damage the Church for a long time.

It is useless, because it is a discussion on whether Stalin was nice to his dog. The abstract and abstruse reasons that would have to be adducted for this declaration would simply pale in front of the real fact, that Stalin was really evil and Francis is truly a heretic.

It is not conceivable that a sufficient number of Cardinals could decide that Francis was not legitimately elected, but is not a heretic. Not only is this logically absurd (when you rebel to the Pope you rebel outright, because if you lose you find yourself in Patagonia anyway), but it is doomed to fail, because Catholicism would not understand or even begin to digest the deposition of a Pope based on procedural irregularities, made by people who claim he is in good standing. And I would love, in that case, to know what the proposers of such a theory think of a similarly vitiated Conclave, which elects Pius XIII The Absolutely Wonderful.

No. If you want to get rid of Francis, you need to claim the obvious and unavoidably disqualifying fact: that he is a heretic.

Honestly, I do not think this is likely, either. But I would love to know that the future generations of Catholics, when Sanity has been restored, remember that faithful Catholics denounced a heretical Pope as a heretic, instead of quibbling about who has met whom, when.

Mind: whatever get us rid of Francis will certainly not see me on the barricades to avoid it happening. But again, it seems like wanting to get rid of the tyrant because he did not recycle his rubbish.

The question of heresy (which is evident) must be addressed. This question alone is perfectly apt to justify, or rather demand, the deposition of a Pope.

All the rest is, ic you ask me, self-defeating, abstruse distraction.

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