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Heresy vs Mistreating The Dog: Why The Faul Conclave Strategy Is A Mistake

Prominent personalities in the Church are now calling for an investigation into the legitimacy of Pope Francis’ election.

I do think, as I did before, that this is useless and counterproductive.

It is counterproductive, because once you go along this road there will be no end of such controversies in the future, it being extremely easy to state that X met Y and Y met Z, and they “conspired”. It would, in my opinion, damage the Church for a long time.

It is useless, because it is a discussion on whether Stalin was nice to his dog. The abstract and abstruse reasons that would have to be adducted for this declaration would simply pale in front of the real fact, that Stalin was really evil and Francis is truly a heretic.

It is not conceivable that a sufficient number of Cardinals could decide that Francis was not legitimately elected, but is not a heretic. Not only is this logically absurd (when you rebel to the Pope you rebel outright, because if you lose you find yourself in Patagonia anyway), but it is doomed to fail, because Catholicism would not understand or even begin to digest the deposition of a Pope based on procedural irregularities, made by people who claim he is in good standing. And I would love, in that case, to know what the proposers of such a theory think of a similarly vitiated Conclave, which elects Pius XIII The Absolutely Wonderful.

No. If you want to get rid of Francis, you need to claim the obvious and unavoidably disqualifying fact: that he is a heretic.

Honestly, I do not think this is likely, either. But I would love to know that the future generations of Catholics, when Sanity has been restored, remember that faithful Catholics denounced a heretical Pope as a heretic, instead of quibbling about who has met whom, when.

Mind: whatever get us rid of Francis will certainly not see me on the barricades to avoid it happening. But again, it seems like wanting to get rid of the tyrant because he did not recycle his rubbish.

The question of heresy (which is evident) must be addressed. This question alone is perfectly apt to justify, or rather demand, the deposition of a Pope.

All the rest is, ic you ask me, self-defeating, abstruse distraction.

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