Heresy vs Mistreating The Dog: Why The Faul Conclave Strategy Is A Mistake

Prominent personalities in the Church are now calling for an investigation into the legitimacy of Pope Francis’ election.

I do think, as I did before, that this is useless and counterproductive.

It is counterproductive, because once you go along this road there will be no end of such controversies in the future, it being extremely easy to state that X met Y and Y met Z, and they “conspired”. It would, in my opinion, damage the Church for a long time.

It is useless, because it is a discussion on whether Stalin was nice to his dog. The abstract and abstruse reasons that would have to be adducted for this declaration would simply pale in front of the real fact, that Stalin was really evil and Francis is truly a heretic.

It is not conceivable that a sufficient number of Cardinals could decide that Francis was not legitimately elected, but is not a heretic. Not only is this logically absurd (when you rebel to the Pope you rebel outright, because if you lose you find yourself in Patagonia anyway), but it is doomed to fail, because Catholicism would not understand or even begin to digest the deposition of a Pope based on procedural irregularities, made by people who claim he is in good standing. And I would love, in that case, to know what the proposers of such a theory think of a similarly vitiated Conclave, which elects Pius XIII The Absolutely Wonderful.

No. If you want to get rid of Francis, you need to claim the obvious and unavoidably disqualifying fact: that he is a heretic.

Honestly, I do not think this is likely, either. But I would love to know that the future generations of Catholics, when Sanity has been restored, remember that faithful Catholics denounced a heretical Pope as a heretic, instead of quibbling about who has met whom, when.

Mind: whatever get us rid of Francis will certainly not see me on the barricades to avoid it happening. But again, it seems like wanting to get rid of the tyrant because he did not recycle his rubbish.

The question of heresy (which is evident) must be addressed. This question alone is perfectly apt to justify, or rather demand, the deposition of a Pope.

All the rest is, ic you ask me, self-defeating, abstruse distraction.

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  1. But what if there was a true “smoking gun”, evidence that is so clear and blatant that it could not be argued (payoffs, blackmail, by Soros and Obama)? Then, a house cleaning of the cardinals would results as well. Would Benedict return to build a better College?
    Nice thoughts anyway.

  2. Matthew R. Schwartz

    I disagree. A prelate made a confession to a canonical crime much like a murderer brags at bar some years after the fact. The prelate published a book describing the actions. He then himself verbally attested to the facts after the publication of the book. Others in the group also publicly indicated actions of a similar nature. Only when they realized that the public recognized the nefarious nature of the actions did they all stop bragging and attempt to ‘spin” the narrative in a different direction. This is much more than merely A met B at C without context. They described their own motive, the other characters involved and some of the actions taken in pursuit of their own stated goal. The Church will be hurt far more if there is no legitimate investigation of prelates “exposing themselves” it was in the recent past.

    • If mechanically applied, this will invalidate every election after this one. If not, then you would have to prove that the manoeuvres were effective rather than either useless or the bragging of homos.

  3. You know lots more than I do on this. I don’t know if it would be a bad idea or not. I love the fact that the argument is being made, because we should pepper them with what we have, or use Saul Alinsky’s own tactics of bombarding them with things to think about. Anything that resists, we’re for.
    But the Left never pauses to consider future repercussions, they charge full steam ahead to get what they want and damn the torpedoes. Maybe we need to be more like that, do it today and let tomorrow worry about itself. I wonder if there are a number of canon lawyers who feel a good case could be made for why his election broke all protocol and should be made null?
    But yes, he’s a heretic and a zealot, and needs to be deposed or removed or whatever else, please God.

  4. Yes, impeaching Francis is useless pettifogging, like the Trump impeachment. based on hearsay evidence.

  5. You can’t stop at Francis, my friend, but you also have to include Benedict and John Paul II at least since their teachings, at times, at least smacked of heresy or were offensive to pious ears. St. Alphonsus clearly stated that Erasmus was a heretic, yet the latter was never condemned and even advised popes. Archbishop Darboy would never accept the dogma of papal infallibility, yet he was never removed from the see of Paris by Pius IX.

    • If your problems go as far as Pius IX, you really have a problem.
      Still, I have exposed many times the link between the aggiornamento and what is happening now.

  6. Can be both possibilities at the same time or at different time, because, valid or not valid his election, he is also heretical as Cardinal.

    • This would not invalidate his election as Pope, unless he acts as such whilst Pope. Otherwise every election could be put in doubt. “Look, Pius IX did something heretical in 1852! He was never Pope! Nor were all his successors!!”

  7. All earthly and fierce power in “Che” hands. If necessary they will create an investigation team just like Kennedy assassination committee whose members were all corrupted NWO politicians. M is right B16 is nothing or could say useless since many believe that he is black mailed as a homosexual (abstaining one?). It depends on our parts of participation, we can pray by crying out loud to God for mercy and be cheerful that all of them, betrayers and sodomites have been disclosed, that means they have failed the assignments and Satan, the “Father of Lies” will soon come for harvesting. Time is almost up, repent now.

  8. I really believe these results are in God’s hands. But it is so good to see people everywhere waking to the realization that Francis, and not a sincere Catholic, is in the chair of Peter at the moment. It gives me a bit of hope, even if in a future I might not see from my current vantage point.

  9. God in his infinite wisdom gave the laity, besides the sensus fideae of a well catechised conscience, –the power of the pocketbook. Pay your parish church bills directly; do not contribute to bishops’s charities who endorse this pope’s agenda, or who “work with” UN “charitable” agencies–ones who contravene Catholic teaching on contraception, abortion, & euthanasia .

    Put 1¢ into the Peter’s Pence Collection envelope, to show the pope how trustworthy you think he is. Then support reputable charities like “Aid to the Church in Need”, your local food bank, and homeless outreaches.

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