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The Rhine Flows Into The Styx

It is reported that there is a lot of German money and influence behind the Amazon Synod. In their perspective, it makes sense.

If you want to demolish the rules of the Church you must sow as much chaos as possible, so that you don’t stick out. As a global controversy rages, they will be able to proceed to the demolition of the Church in Germany with much less hassle. As long as Francis lives, they will be covered and protected from disciplinary measures. When Francis dies, they will spread favours and money right and left to get the right “climate” for a candidate convenient to them; not a difficult task, bar Divine intervention, as Francis has now appointed a great number of Cardinals made after his liking.

This scale of evil can only be explained in one way: these people are atheists, all of them. They see themselves as functionaries of a huge, secular NGO they want to keep prospering, procuring influence and privilege to them for as long as they live. They want to change the Church like you would try to change the electoral manifesto of a party.

At this point, the Rhine is flowing directly into the Styx. One might say “may the Lord have mercy on them all”, but by this scale of evil it appears pretty clear that, bar perhaps some isolated exception, He won’t, too big is here the scale and intensity of the attack.

In pure German fashion, you have the fake orthodox Cardinal (Woelki) giving pre-arranged “warnings” about the Atrocious Earthquake that is being announced. After which, again in pure German fashion, a Lesser Earthquake will take place, which at this point will seem a “moderate”, “sensible” solution instead of…. a veritable earthquake. After a while, the next earthquake will be undertaken, because at that point the entire region will be highly seismic.

It really is the unfolding of an evil plan carefully planned years ago.

The Rhine will flow into the Styx. Stay away from it.

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