On Salvini, The Crucifix, And The Tortellini

The Italian Trump, Matteo Salvini, criticised two recent anti-Christian moves in Italy: the proposal to remove the Crucifix from classrooms and the traitorous decision of the Archbishop Cardinal of Bologna to have, for the feast of the Patron, tortellini made with chicken instead of pork, you easily imagine why.

Salvini criticises and then reflects whether he is the best man for it, because he is a sinner.

My answer to this is: we all are, Signor Salvini.

God works in mysterious and often unexpected ways. Countless times, He has used improbable characters for His purposes.

The tribal chiefs whose conversion led to the christianisation of England were certainly no saints, either before or, it is to be suspected, after their conversion. The lesser chiefs and common people who then converted because of tribal customs were also quite improbable speakers for their new religion. But this is how it works.

The Cathars were forced to convert or die. Not many champions of orthodoxy about them, I am sure. But how many Cathars has France now?

Do not reject good deeds because they come from people who are below par. Encourage and support politicians who are committed to the right policies for the public, and let the Lord deal with their private failings.

The man who gave Italy the long-desired peace with the Church was – at that time – a public atheist and public concubine. He married canonically merely because the Church made of this a precondition of the agreement. He remained, all his life, a first-class philanderer. But he changed the Country and helped the Church to become a formidable force in Italy. He was good enough for Pius XI, who very rightly called him “l’ uomo della Provvidenza”. You work with what God gives you.

Please remember this every time you vote. Please do not help Christian values to be defeated just because those who would lead you to victory are below your standard. And please always support the Salvinis of the world, when you know they are batting for the right team.

God knows, these days we cannot afford to be choosy.

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  1. Who is doing more good in the world, Salvini, Trump or “Pope” Francis? Like King David God inspires those with crooked lives to do His will. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord.

  2. And constructed the Via Della conciliazione, which, despite the howls of the antiquarians, really showcases San Pietro.

  3. Thank you for this. I refuse to make excuses for my preference for Trump. I pray daily for him, & Salvini, Bolsonaro, Orban, the Polish & Greek leaders, in my daily Rosary. If they are against communism/socialism, if they are for families, I praise them and any others I haven’t mentioned. God knows my intentions as I pray: He knows I am not praying for the crazed liberals. He may, in His mercy, divert my prayers to whoever He sees fit. But I will pray for those who seem most obviously on the side of God’s people & trust that God will hear my prayers and their intent.

  4. Salvini and Trump are much more closer to God than “Che” and his minions.

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