Why The Synod Takes Place In Rome

One of the things one notices about the disgraceful Synod Of The Savages is that… it does not take place in the Amazonas.

We were not given the privilege to see the Pope (who flies absolutely everywhere without any compunction for the use emissions he causes) flying on the same aeroplane with his chosen FrancisBishops and Franciscardinals to Manaus, whence they jump into their modest indigenous vehicles and, closely followed by cameras, immerse themselves in the spirituality of the deep Amazonian forest as they travel to a place where the local savages have traditionally practiced their own heathen rituals; from which, we are told, we and they, the Pope and Bishops and Cardinals, have an awful lot to learn.

Not really. Instead, it appears the synod dealing oh so movingly with the spirituality we can learn from the trees and the spirit of the forest sees the Holy Pope Of The Earth and his Environmentally Conscious Holy Bishops not anywhere near the ones or the other. He has, in fact, remained in the Vatican, where the spiritual call of the Mother Forest and the simple chant of the Savagepriest cannot be heard, even one bit!

A shame! A shame, I tell you! The TV-broadcast march of the Holy, Modest Men as they open their way in the forest, and their hearts to it, amidst Kumbaya chants and the simple sound created by the local spirituality would have been the media event of the decade! What an opportunity to learn an “integral ecology”, and grow spiritually listening to what the Spirit has whispered to the Holy Savages, away from the trappings of Capitalism!

I think I know why they decided to talk about the spirituality of the forest from the comfort of the palaces inside the (hateful, and clearly Unchristian) Leonine Walls.

There are no gay saunas in the Amazonas!

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  1. So, on the very face of it all, it is a fraud.

  2. Did you see Robert Royal’s piece on Francis planting a tree in Vat gardens?
    On Saturday, Pope Francis along with Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes and Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri (both leaders of the synod) attended an indigenous ritual, a tree-planting ceremony in the Vatican gardens. Participants danced around a mandala, spread soil from “symbolic places” and bowed to 2 female fertility figures. A male figure with erect penis lay nearby.

  3. “There are no gay saunas in the Amazonas!”
    Which exemplifies a certain level of moral ascendency of withcraft over current franciscan-demonology.

  4. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Hey Mundy….the Amazon rain forest is so steamy it is a sauna/bathhouse…..maybe it’s a modesty thing: the homo cardinals, bishops et al don’t wan’t to be seen running around sweating in the jungle in sarongs, loin clothes,fig leaves and “birthday suits.” Perhaps a bit too “nativistic” for them.
    You’ll have to come up with a better reason.

  5. Richard Eaton Freeman

    Perhaps he’s afraid of a ritual involving a well aimed spear presented to him by a jungle ecumenist.

  6. Thank you for that.

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