Meet Accomplice Emeritus

Pontiff Emeritus has received the last FrancisCardinals and has told them that they must be obedient to the Pope.

In theory, this is all logical. You cannot expect an Emeritus to say to the Cardinals that they should not obey to his successor.

In practice, it is more complicated than that.

Benedict must know – because he is old, but he is not gaga – that Francis is pushing a massive agenda of heresy and general enmity of Christ. He is also not really obliged to give speeches to Cardinals. Like every old man, he could have a headache, or one of many ailments not allowing him to tire himself.

However, as a Bishop of the Church, and one who even insists on saying that the spiritual obligations of a Pope remain duties of his, he is just as obliged as any other Bishop to defend Christ from the attack Francis is bringing on Him.

Does he do that? No. Not at all.

Does he express his condemnation of Francis in a safer, more diplomatic way? No, he does not do that, either.

It would have been very easy, for an intelligent man like him, to profit from this public occasion to give a lesson to Francis. It would have been so easy as to say to the Cardinal that they owe obedience to Christ first. He could have reminded the Cardinal of their duty to not believe even an angel, if the angel wants to teach them some novelty never thought before.

He could have done all that and more, and he did nothing.

I am very sorry to bust the Benedict Bubble of some of my readers, but it is as plain as the sun that Benedict cannot wash his hands of responsibility again. Not only has he culpably avoided issuing a condemnation of Francis as heretic, he even tells the Cardinals they must obey to him when he perfectly well knows the situation and the many calls to the Cardinals to do just that.

It is beyond me how some people can concoct in their minds the utter fantasy of a Benedict that would be a sort of dissident who does not dissent, a persecuted guy who lives in comfort where he wants to live, an opponent of the Pope who tells the Cardinals to obey Francis, a secluded Rapunzel who can talk to journalists any time he wants, and a defender of Catholicism who actually never does that.

I don’t know what this guy’s problem is. At his age, even being sent to exile to Kathmandu must not appear a very terrible punishment, particularly with his judgment staring him in the face.

My atrocious suspicion is that, besides being so horribly gregarious, Benedict really thinks that the Holy Ghost is inspiring Francis. This is not such a huge stretch for one who certainly thinks that the Holy Ghost inspired the Second Vatican Council.

It is sad to see this old man marching towards what looks like almost certain hell with his infirm pace. But the reality is in front of us all, and silly fantasies about the secret chief of the opposition who actually never opposes the government are not worthy of thinking men.

The Emeritus is Francis’ accomplice.

It’s as simple as that.

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  1. All of this does well to explain why we have Francis as “Pope”. Benedict made way for him by consenting to resign without the need for duress. A true Modernist does not change his stripes.

  2. Wasn’t Pope Ratzinger a modernist “peritus” during Vatican II? If his modernism goes back that far, why do some Trads try to make him the “hope” of the Church?

  3. The mystery of iniquity?

  4. Benedict gave in to fear and is afraid to this day.
    It’s as simple as that.

    • If I were him, I would be afraid of hell a tad more than of being deprived of first class semolina.

    • He doesn’t believe in hell. He is afraid of people, unfortunately.

    • Yep. I think that’s the size of it.
      I’d add he is just too German to sing outside of the choir.
      he is a good example of how Nazism could keep the Country in check so totally. Too many people just doing what they’re told.

  5. He probably thinks his canonization is in the bag, as long as he does not rock the boat too much. One of those cardinals could decide whether he is proclaimed a saint some day. The arrogance and conceit of these men is astonishing.

  6. sixlittlerabbits

    Yes, Mundabor Benedict is “accomplice in chief.” It needs to be stated. Thanks for doing it.

  7. John J. Marren, Jr.

    I agree with your accomplice assessment….I’d add promoter and facilitator.
    As to “What this guy’s problem is” I’ll offer an explanation provided by Bishop Richard Williamson during his sermon at the 25 year anniversary celebration of an SSPX Chapel located on Long Island.
    Bishop Williamson suggested that Benedict is suffering from a “theological” schizophrenia: A Traditional/Modernist dichotomy.
    Benedict’s heart aligns with the traditions of the Church that nurtured him in his early years but his mind is aligned (polluted) with crap spewed forth by the pre/post Vatican ii modernists.
    Bishop Williamson’s pray was that Benedict’s loyalty would ultimately “capitulate” to Tradition: and Benedict should accept moreover welcome the almost certain martyrdom.
    I think Pope Benedict is too comfortable in his Pope Emeritus digs….seems like a nice comfortable life style. I hope he enjoys it while it lasts for I fear his next eternal residency will be a tad bit less comfortable.

  8. No bubble here. I’m way beyond bubbles, and yet I don’t despair. This bedlam is exactly the remedy we need to cure us of our papolotry. We don’t have two popes. We have 266 popes, all bound by their predecessors.

  9. He gave communion in the hand to protestant “brother Roger” at JPII’s funeral. He made contradictory statements about the Fatima message that cannot be reconciled. He has approvingly stated (on many occasions) that Vatican II was a “counter syllabus.” He has also made it clear that he has not changed his progressivist ideas from the time of the council. A seven-year-old child who knows his catechism would not fall into these errors. Benedict has a completely undeserved reputation for orthodoxy and being a “conservative.” Could it be that Benedict is not so much an accomplice as he is the puppeteer behind Francis?

  10. Matthew R. Schwartz

    This has been my point with strong push back. The story linked tells of Cardinal Ratzinger counseling his personal German translator not to convert but instead remain Lutheran. She thus died a Lutheran. Much food for thought.

  11. My atrocious suspicion is that he doesn’t care much about the judgment staring him in the face. If, as you say, he is not gaga, he is a willing accomplice of Francis. He never opposes the government. He could have, as you said, quoted from the bible to all of those new cardinals (who were sitting for his blessing, BTW). He has amply demonstrated his comfort with the status quo.

  12. Thomas Hennigan

    The matter is a lot simpler. He doesn’t want to rock the boat more. He did say on a previous occasion that the boat is capsizing. Do you expect him to help sink it more? He published his paper on sexual abuse which he hoped would be made available to the bishops who were in Rome for the false summit on sexual abuse and that never happened. So, why would be want to rock the boat more?

  13. Freemasons of high hierarchical Vatican who control the Church are black mailing him severely, willing to harass and shame him. what’s a big secret that could devastate his life and reputation, make him give in easily and loose all the dignity and responsibility as a Vicar of Christ? All faithful Catholics suffer much due to his withdrawal and his incomplete duty of a shepherd to bear witness of true light, “that all men through him may believe.” May God have mercy on his soul.

    • This must be the stupidest post of the year.

      The guy is looking straight at hell.

      Why on earth would he be afraid of being “shamed”?

      Stop dreaming a parallel reality.

  14. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Here’s all you need to know about Benedict: When the president of the German bishops’ council said on German television in 2009 that Jesus did not die for human sin but “in solidarity with the people,” Benedict failed or refused to rebuke him publicly.

    Benedict’s admonition reflects this abominable trait within Catholicism: Obedience to authority is more important than adherence to truth. If that doesn’t tell you what the Catholic Church ultimately values, then what does?

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