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Pagan Is Who Pagan Does

Pope Marcellinus famously sacrificed to the Pagan gods of the Romans. He did so to avoid execution; possibly an immediate, on the spot one.

He was still found to have no excuse, and an imperfect Council was held to have him (self) deposed.

How can, therefore, even the most obstinate Pollyanna not recognise that Francis did that, and worse than that, during the recent pagan ceremony held on October 4 in the Vatican Garden, in the presence of the Pope himself and several other prelates of questionable manliness?

Was Francis under duress? Could he claim that the Amazonian people – or, as far as I am concerned, my red fish – would have killed him if he had not attended? How is, therefore, Francis less deserving of both imperfect Council and deposition than Marcellinus? Of course he should have the possibility to repent and be kept in place, like his worthy, now canonized and martyred predecessor did. But the trial, he has certainly deserved.

Nor can it be said that the Pagan ritual is less of a pagan ritual because designated as the “consecration of the Synod to St. Francis”. Things are what they are.

Would Marcellinus have gotten away with it if he had called his sacrifice “consecration of the Roman Population to Jesus”? Clearly not, because in those times a Catholic was not able to think one tenth of the improbable excuses nowadays made for Francis by people calling themselves Catholic.

Even if we were to magically forget all the heresies of this satanical individual in the last six and a half years, this event alone would suffice for the convocation of an imperfect Council that gets us rid of him. And for the sake of completeness, it goes without saying that at this point it does not matter a jot if a schism would follow, then the level of deviation from any half way reasonable standard of Catholicism has now become such that any split of bishops should be not only not feared, but welcomed.

I wonder what excuses Burke & Co. (that is, those who are likely still Catholic and understand what is happening) are imagining for not acting? That Francis is old?

Heavens, have they looked at Benedict? What prevents Francis from being in charge for another ten years, perhaps more? And why would God in His Goodness solve the problem for the faithful, when those tasked with exactly that do nothing?

We do not have any right to have this burden taken away from us. It is far more likely that God will help us when we finally help ourselves. Which makes sense. Bishops who tolerate Francis’ satanical, pagan antics without doing anything deserve to have him around for a long time.

As for us poor Pewsitter, we take this as punishment for our own and our fathers’ sins. But if we think that we are entitled to the end of this mess, we are probably deserving more of it.

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