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From The Mouth Of A Devout Catholic

I received this comment from Kate R., an attentive reader above suspicion.

The comment was so good, and dripping such righteous, justified indignation, that I report it here, in its entirety, as an example of the right attitude and the right faith.

Congratulations to Kate R.

Please let us bring this energy to the discussions with friends & family.

God knows we need to be vocal in these disgraceful times.


The worst of all this is the inaction. It always has been the worst part of it. Evil and rogue popes, we get, apathetic, self-serving cowards and apostates posing as Bishops and Cardinals, we don’t.
Now we know. After seeing the pope hold a pagan ceremony, with naked idols that the participants bowed to and the pope blessed, since they have not called an imperfect council, it will never happen. Now some are entertaining the naked lady was the Blessed Mother. No one represents Our Lady as a nude, and certainly not as the pagans do with the red, inflamed uterus, because that is not Our Lady it is either Pachamama or Yacy, or Ruda, idols all, and the little man with the weewee is Guaracy. But this disgusting Vatican will now probably try to say it was Our Lady and I’m not buying it, are you? Reportedly, the pagans worship the uterus and menstrual cycle of women. Whatever. That’s why the uterus is red on the pregnant ladies. My God, I could go nuts just talking about this. This is insane. Are we all crackers?? We should be storming the Vatican and throwing him into the Tiber.

Back when the dubia were chatted about there were those who said Cdl. Burke will NEVER take a further step, that he was a fake conservative and was not going to make a stir by doing something concrete against Francis.
Well, one has to say they were right, because honestly, if demon worship in the Vatican garden so close to the tomb of St. Peter does not motivate you, then you cannot be motivated enough to get it done. And now we have confirmed for us what we suspected seeing the louse refuse to kneel before Christ. He doesn’t believe Jesus is divine. You could tell that by the miserable glare he gave Jesus every time. What a skunk.

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