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Sticks And Stones Might Ruin Your Career

A transsexual individual mentioned by Dave Chappelle in his latest, supposedly “transphobic” (whatever that means) stand-up comedy show has committed suicide, and the leftist mob must now decide whether Chappelle is to be crucified of not.

Chappelle is a leftist of the rarer sort (the thinking one) and he has been in the past an advocate for the First Amendment. Leftists are enemies of the First amendment, and they might try to destroy the man just to make the point that whoever dares to rebel to the leftist mind control will be destroyed.

On the other hand, there are several elements that might persuade the leftist PC mob to pick another sacrificial victim. Chappelle belongs, like the suicide, to an Officially Protected Species (he is Black), he is a very popular guy, and if the attack fails he will mock the pc mob troops for the rest of his life. Food for thoughts, methinks.

Breitbart points out that the suicide was actually in a cordial relationship with Chappelle. I find it irrelevant. The First Amendment is not restricted to friends.

We will see how this pans out as it will be an interesting barometer of the struggle of the pc troops to totally control the speech (and, with that, the mind) of the American People.

As for the poor wretch, you may do worse than saying an eternal rest for him, albeit his final destination appears probable enough (whiny and sugary suicide note). He killed himself in the end. Apparently, an astonishing percentage of these people do.

The brutal truth is that one who lucidly decides to try to change himself from a man to a woman is already in the hands of the enemy to such an extent, that the suicide appears a mere securing the prey rather than capturing it.

As to you, my dear reader, keep mocking all the perversions of the times without any mercy. The wise man castigat ridendo mores, and God knows the mores are atrocious enough.

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