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Pachamama Drowns Into The Tiber

Please stop what you are doing, make some popcorn and go to the Barnhardt site, where two versions of a wonderful video exist: wooden statues of “Pachamama” taken away from the church and thrown into the river, where they belong.

Oh, joy! Oh, what a laugh! And the politically incorrect act of throwing them all in the Tiber!

Of course, the Tiber is highly symbolic here. Heretics were thrown in the Tiber. Pope Formosus – after the synodus horrenda – was, too!

One wonders what other modern Pope might have deserved to have his corpse thrown into the river after his execution for manifest heresy. Of course, one would have to declare him deposed first. Alas, we don’t do these things anymore. Not Christian enough, you see.

My rosary tonight is for the people who have done this.

One video says more than 1000 blog articles.

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