Pope Pachamama Makes Conclave Discussions A Useless, Counterproductive Waste Of Time


The recent open apostasy of Pope Pachamama, with a pagan deity brought around in procession, makes every discussion about the validity of the Conclave even more superfluous, useless and counterproductive than it ever was. I see in this obsession the remnant of those papolatrous instincts unfortunately spread among converts, particularly in the Anglo Saxon world.

The Holy Ghost has never promised that the Pope would be a holy man. Therefore, when confronted with a monstrous Papacy like Francis’, one does not have to conclude that he could never be Pope. If a guy like John XXII – whose abstruse theological convictions put him square at variance with the words of Our Lords in the Gospel – could be validly elected Pope, so can Francis.

The apostasy of Francis stares us in the face. Francis now openly mocks us with it, because he has seen that the likes of Burke & Co. are such cowards that they will never react with a call for an Imperfect Council.

Notice the dynamics here: Pope Francis provokes Catholics only one step at a time, because his innate cowardice suggests to him that he should not try to do what could prove fatal to him. Every time, he sees that no reaction comes. Every time, he is emboldened to do more, because he hates all of us and there is no end to the humiliations he wants to inflict on us all.

Pachamama is the fruit of the cowardice of Bishops and Cardinals on Amoris Laetitia. Without the latter, we would never have had the former. At the same time, Pachamama is such an open, obvious instance of pagan idolatry, that all discussions about Amoris Laetitia must be overshadowed by this new scandal; which is so obvious, so much in-your-face, so openly insulting that every doubt about the real intentions of this Pope must be rejected even more strongly than before.

Bishops and Cardinals: Pope Pachamama is provoking and humiliating you as he spits in the face of that Christ he hates.

Will you finally man up?



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  1. They are incapable of “manning up”. They are too delicate, too deferential to that fiend squatting on the Throne. In the past year I saw a picture of Athansius Schneider seemingly “yuckking it up” with Bergoglio soon after the “God wills a diversity of religions” scandal. So craven, so repulsive! Note their recent breathless book release—while in the vicinity idols desecrate sacred places.

  2. The conclave has to be questioned simlply because we have a pope who still acts as pope, Benedict. The reason why Bergolio is as evil as he is is because he isn’t pope.

    John XXIII never denied the divinity of Christ or the non existence of hell. In order to put the Church on the right track and get to the truth, we must proclaim this truth: B16 is still pope. Bergolio is a criminal.

    God is showing us the rot that is Bergolio. No pope before has been this evil. And that’s becase Bergolio isn’t pope.

    • This is a non-starter.
      Firstly, Benedict himself refutes your argument and you can’t be more realist than the King.
      Secondly, when Benedict dies you are automatically a sedevacantist.
      It does not work, it’s just pious thinking without the thinking.

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