The Truth About Pachamama, Straight From Argentina

I receive this from Argentinian reader Marcela

Hi from Argentina, I am glad real catholics are seeing the sheer evil behind all his Pachamama cult, it is deeply rooted in the traditions of amerindian people in north Argentina, Bolivia, Peru. The Pachamama represents the “mother earth” in the shape of a woman, these statuettes with the red belly are depicting one important ritual in this pagan cult in which women pour their menstrual blood on the soil as an offering to the mother earth, many women do this here in those rituals, Argentina and latin america in general aren’t really catholic, the renmants of centuries of paganism prior to Columbus are lingering and hard to erase, even people who say they are catholic participate in these rituals and sadly the dirty old man Bergoglio keeps encouraging this disgusting evil.

Well, this gives the lie about all the tales of “our lady of the Amazon”, a poor, satanic excuse for the introduction of pagan idols within Catholicism. Those who propagate such lie are accomplices, even if in good faith, of the satanic work of this pope, because if you are so damn stupid that you don’t understand simple things you should just not write about them.

That the Blessed Virgin, Destroyer of Heresies, be abused to cover pagan idolatry makes my blood boil.

As to the man, I have stopped long ago to think anything good about his mother (if you know what I mean). I will, from now on, honour the man with the title “pope”, with lower case p, as I have seen done elsewhere.

Mind, he clearly is the pope. But he is a pope obviously controlled and driven by Satan. Denying him a capital P is still way too nice.

Die soon, pope Francis. With God’s help, you will kick the bucket today, and no tears on your tomb. I hope one day your corpse will follow the Pachamama statues in the Tiber.

Down there, at the bottom of it, eaten by animals, is where it belongs.



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  1. The truth about pope Francis always has a way of surfacing. Thus we know God is with us.

    • Well said, Mr. Dowd. The truth will out, sooner or later. And those with “eyes to see and ears to hear” either will choose to act or they will choose not to act. Factual evidence will move hearts that are not obstinate and proud.

  2. Laura Sangiorgi

    Mundabor, I am from Argentina too and can vouch for what your reader said, having lived in north Argentina I’ve seen first hand these pagan rituals that shamelessly happen in societies that dare to call themselves catholic, these grotesque shows of paganism are so accepted here that recently our president Mauricio Macri participated in the Pachamama festivities where people bury an offering to the earth godess, the offering is usually a clay pot full of seeds, fruits, flowers, meat and blood (usually from llama or goat) and also human menstrual blood, the Pachamama cult is totally based on female sexuality and one can’t be surprised to see that feminists have made this aspect of the cult a part of their sick ideology. The paganization of Christian Europe was always a fantasy of the resentful, envious latin american left, Bergoglio is an avowed communist, one of the many who entered the church to use it as platform to spread its doctrine of envy and spite and to demolish it from the inside, argentine conservative catholics know this evil man too well, his vileness and hatred of the Church have no limits, European people must wake up and see that this ignominious old man hates them.

  3. FiP, FiP, or better yet Fip.

    Did Pope Benedict XVI really intend to hand over the active exercise of his ministry to another? Beyond speculation, how do we know with certitude his intention?

    Since the Keys and binding and loosing power go with the Office and since he purposefully retained the office while declaring his intent to no longer administer it and since it is clear that “Bergoglio took his daddy’s car and he’s cruisin’ to the hamburger stand, now”, there was no authority to take the keys; they were stolen and the bad guys EVERYWHERE are attempting to take us all on a FiP “joy” ride that we’re suppose to resist.

    Why don’t we just get out of the anti-church car and recognize that even with all his weaknesses, BiP? Because we don’t like him! Because not sede! But in reality, yeah, sede because NEVER BiP–Abp Lefebvre (rip) said NEVER Ratzinger, NEVER Benedict!

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is actually founded on Benedict Derangement Syndrome because “as the Church goes, so goes the world”.

    • Do you begin to realise the arrogance of thinking that you are the judge of the intention of a Pope who *has told you his intention*?
      Grow up.

  4. I do not know why you even caapitalize the don’s name. don “frankie the pope/the buIIsh*tter” deserves no capitalization at all.

  5. Due to the preparations already made by Bergoglio in his elevating to the cardinalate men who are his political and theological supporters and agree with his wish to change the Church radically, the next pope may well be just as destructive as him. It is fortunate that we believe it impossible to destroy the Church, but this does not salve us from the feelings of horror as we watch the vaste destruction, perversions, and sheer populist vulgarities supported by this man. Do not be fooled by all the vagaries — Bergoglio is a political and theological revisionist: in clear words: an apostate pope.

  6. I couldn’t express my disdain for Bergoglio any better. Well said!

  7. @The Editor, Mundabor: Where in my comment have I asserted any more than speculation myself? I, unlike you apparently, am requesting an examination of the factual evidence regarding BiP. Are you fair in your assessment of my statement without asking me, who unlike Pope Benedict, will tell you? If you should ask, that is.
    From Fr. Gabriel if St Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.’s Divine Intimacy Entry #315: “when the heart is proud and obstinate, not even factual evidence is capable of moving it.”

  8. Apparently the police have rescued the idols,and they will be in St Peter’s on Sunday when Pope Francis celebrates Mass.

    • next time there should be more definitive methods.
      Still, this was viewed around the world and the pagan idols coming back will only enrage more Catholics.

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