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Apostles Of Virtue

Take these institutions:

So-called Church of England.

UK Royal Family

Parts of the Catholic Clergy

Teaching Professions

Police (in the UK)

What do they all have in common? The loss of the high degree of social prestige and influence enjoyed in past decades. In short: people used to like them, believe in them, respect them, have a high degree of connection to them.

Societal changes – often helped by the same institutions – have now reduced this influence to a shadow of its former self.

The so-called CoE pastor is the one who clearly does not believe in God himself. The Britidh Monarchy is only good for opening kindergartens and have their infidelities and hypocrisies used as trash press fodder. The Catholic priest has a suspiciously high-pitched voice. The teacher is the one who helps people no *not* learn to write, compute and think. The neighbourhood “Bobber” has all but disappeared, and the Police will now visit you if you call a wretch of a human being with the right pronoun.

What do all these groups do to cling to their social position – which also means: jobs -? They become the new Apostles Of Virtues, bombarding all of us with their notions – born of the alleged moral superiority they still think they have – of correct behaviour, correct talking, even correct thinking.

Surprisingly, it works, because the general public – unable to write properly, much less think autonomously – still largely shares the idea that these people are “better than them”. This is what gave us all the pc policies of the last, say, 20 years.

Alas, the wall of public subservience is showing some cracks. More and more people are looking around themselves, and they are realising that the pontificating, but faithless pastor is a waste of space; the Royals are, with some exception, a bunch of useless, hypocritical scroungers, and it’s getting worse with every generation; the high-pitched priest is trying to deflect from his own homosexuality; the teacher is an abject human and professional failure; and the “bobber” is no more, though Joe Smith may have known the enforcer of online politeness already.

When entire categories of people become useless or perceive a great loss of social prestige, the Virtue Signalling cannot be far away. Western societies are too rich to perceive the huge waste in resources and common sense that these people cause.

Slowly, some people are waking up. Trump, Brexit, Salvini, Bolsonaro are helping them to recover the old, solid, sane way of thinking. But it is a long march, with uncertain outcome.

Do not tire in being among the voices of sanity.

It’s us sane people against the fake, arrogant, pompous, empty Apostles Of Virtue.

The Downfall

I remember the days when pope Francis’ scandals were emerging in the matter of, say, one a week.

Ah, blessed times of innocence!

Nowadays it is much, much worse than that.

Michael Voris has cared to make an extensive list of all the scandals which came to light in the last weeks alone, and they are… a lot! 

Besides the obvious lack of faith of this satanical pope, what I find really staggering is the degree of incompetence of the man.

Francis always reminds me of one of those Central and South American governments that were not uncommon in the Seventies and Eighties. They were, as a whole, glaring examples of thieving attitude, arrogance and economic incompetence.

Francis has taken everything from them. He just does not manage to do anything right. It does not make sense to try to ascribe the chaos he has engendered to some astute plan. There is nothing astute in looking a cretin every day that God sends on earth. No, this is just another example of an idiot put an the top of a big organisation by thieving bastards, and in cahoots with them, helping his clique of sodomites and thieves to do whatever they want, from sodomy to embezzlement to heresy. As in the governments I mentioned before (but I could make other non-Southern American examples of staggering, thieving incompetence: Taylor in Liberia, or Mugabe in Zimbabwe also come to mind), there is no intention or desire to even try to run things properly. It’s party time, and the clique in charge will party to the end, probably thinking that, with the Cardinal appointments made by Francis, the party ill have no end.

Similarly, criticism is countered with aggressive attacks (as in those Governments mentioned above). It’s not their fault, it’s us being Catholics, and actually normal.

Even an idiot like Francis must, at this point, recognise that he just cannot do jack without botching everything. His plan to remake the church in his image only had sense (in its own perverted logic) if the man had had the ability to introduce change “on the sly”, in a very subdued and gradual manner, boiling the frog of popular piety in a very slow way.

But this is not Francis.

Francis is arrogant, impious, and ignorant. But most of all, he is – by God’s grace – so damn stupid.

The idea that he can transform Catholicism into a sort of Santeria cult openly, publicly, and get away with it is too dumb for words. One must be blinded by Satan to even think of that.

Francis is one blinded by Satan, who never had a properly functioning brain to begin with. Satan’s fool, this is who Francis is.

The day will soon come when he discovers it; and who knows, he might even like it, then I want to be on record with stating that I do not consider satanism beyond the reach of such an evil, stupid mind.

Francis’ downfall is certain. We are seeing it even on this earth, as he demolishes himself and his disgraceful papacy day by day.


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