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Bill Maher Manages to Be Half Right

Bill Maher certainly has the wrong mind set in everything; but at times he has a clarity of thinking many other leftards miss.   

The attached video is a good example.

Maher’s theory: the bigoted anti-Trump troops will vote for the Dem candidate anyway. It’s the “middle of the road” ones who need to be persuaded. The way to persuade them is to avoid shouting about the issues that satisfy that 5% or 10% of utter nutcases and alienate the moderate element. The rest will come of itself, because even many Republican voters don’t like Trump.

Maher is right in that a moderate will always have better chances against Trump than a bigoted extremist. However, I think that he neglects the following points:

  1. These people are trying to win the Primary. No one knows how many senseless bigots are going to vote in the Primaries, but anecdotal experience says: a lot. It is of no use to be the sensible Dem candidate, if the sensible Dem candidate is too sensible for the mob out there. This is exactly why Bloomberg decided not to run. Maher does not touch on this.
  2. It is not guaranteed that the bigots will vote for the moderate Democrat candidate in November 2020. You see, Mr Maher: they are bigots. Many of them will enjoy staying home – or voting Green, or waste their vote in another way – enjoying the defeat of one they consider a traitor. This will be an important factor in many of those who represent, say, the 20% most leftist part of the Democrat electorate. Just look at how well Sanders did in 2016, and how Hillary repelled many of his fans.
  3. Mr Maher keeps making the mistake these people have been making for many years now: they believe their own fake news. Trump disliked by 69% of Republicans? In which planet? Has the man ever been to a Trump rally, and be it only via PC screen?

Maher’s reasoning is faulty in that he does not stop to consider *why* so many Dem candidates are intent on this suicidal run to the extreme left (answer: because they fear it is the only way to win a nomination process likely dominated by bigoted, senseless morons).

Still, he is right in the fundamental reasoning, and reality is confirming his theory: even a painfully senile, extremely vulnerable, embarrassingly incompetent Biden is doing better than all those far left nutcases, and you can be sure that, when the primaries begin, you will see a further alignment towards moderate positions, because then it is the “real thing”, not an exercise to which only the bigots feel really motivate to participate.

Be it as it may, the Dems face a very difficult task. Unless the economy tanks seriously, Trump will be a very strong incumbent.

As it stands I see no one, transgender policies or not, that can defeat him.




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