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Joe Biden Denied Holy Communion

Well, this is rather big: Joe Biden has been denied Holy Communion.

First of all, mind this: there will be no scarcity of bishops and cardinals willing to allow Biden to receive Holy Communion live on tv, and I fear for the courageous priest who, like Father Guarnizo, decided that a Catholic priest must act like he is, actually, a Catholic priest. My Rosary today is for him.

Still, the echoes of this will reverberate for a long time. It has finally happened, and it has happened with one of the most shameless, most high-profile CINOs around. Poor Joe will now have to assure himself he will be allowed to receive, everytime, before going to Church! I can almost hear him: “c’mon, man!”

The abortion issue will be in the news for a while, because the likes of Breitbart are already riding this like the champs they are.

Another positive effect for us is the ability to stand up for Christ and calmly, proudly, assertively, explain the Doctrine of Transubstantiation to our colleagues and acquaintances who were to ask. You don’t need to be theologically deep, just explain it like a good peasant would have explained it to his son 100 or 150 years ago, when there were a lot of real Catholics around.

In short: this will not convert pope Francis or any other inveterate enemy of the Church, but will cause millions of poorly instructed, more or less indifferent, everyday people to stop and think; firstly about the issue of abortion, and secondly about the hypocrisy of their “moderate” Democratic candidate.

Let us make a long inning out of this before Joe’s next gaffe direct the attention of the masses elsewhere.

And keep the good priest in your prayers. The wolves are coming for him.

Pachamama Exposes The Hypocrisy Of The Hierarchy

We are informed that, at the closing Mass of the Pagan Synod, the statues of Pachamama were not present. This, apparently, because a number of Bishops and Cardinals told Francis that they would refuse to participate if that had been the case.

You would think this good news. I am not so sure.

To tell the Pope that you refuse to participate to Mass with him is a very serious step. It does not fall far from stating that the guy is not in communion with you. It certainly indicate very grave differences with the Pope (or, in this case, the pope; and may he die today).

It is clear that, in this case, the matter of contention is not one of the hundreds of heretical statements made by the Evil Clown. It is, specifically, the presence of the pagan idols of Pachamama and the adoration offered to them.

Therefore, a number of Bishops and Cardinals considers the Pachamama incidents such grave episodes of idolatry, that they cannot be in the Church if the pagan idols are present.

Very well, then. Who these Bishops and Cardinals think responsible for these statues? Do they think that all happened because of evil people who did not inform the Pope that these are pagan goddesses adored by savages? Do they think that Francis is kept isolated from the outside world, and is not responsible for the idolatry? Do they think that it was not Francis, but his evil twin who asked the Italian Government for help in the recovery (if such took place; it is not difficult to get some more statues from Bolivia in all that time; and I would have expected the statues to show permanent signs of their very long bath) of the wooden idols?

Thought not.

This can mean only one thing: a number of Bishop and Cardinals know perfectly well that these statues represent pagan deities, and that pope Francis encourages and takes part in their idolatry. But they don’y say anything in public about this. 

The awareness of such a gross violation of the First Commandment, and the silence in front of it, is a shame just as big as Francis’ idolatry; just as Francis knows what he is doing, and still acts, the Bishops and Cardinals know what he is doing, and still remain silent. They are accomplices in his idolatry.

They will have to answer one day, with him, of his violation of the First Commandment.



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