For The Record: Francis’ Pachamama Apostasy Documented

I would like to have on my blog the official record of Francis’ apostasy from the Catholic Faith.

In the statement mentioned and reported in this article, Francis refers to the statues as “statue della Pachamama”, statues of the Pachamama.

He does not deny what these statues are. Therefore, every statement that they were not there with  idolatrous intentions is as stupid as Francis himself.

It is like putting a statue of Buddha on the altar and saying that there are no idolatrous intentions. It is like filling a church with Swastikas and stating that they are not there to support the Nazi ideology. As Francis very well knows, Pachamama is a pagan idol.

I honestly see this as outright apostasy. The man seems to consider normal that orthodox Catholicism may include veneration of Pachamama. This is religious syncretism at its most obvious. This puts Francis square outside of the Church, then he is the pope and can certainly not claim that he is not fully aware of the implications of this idolatry.

This toxic, satanical guy must be removed.





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  1. Agree. Mundabor always seems to be the first blog to always perceive and announce the truth about anti-pope Bergoglio. Listen to him.

    Thank you and God Bless you, Mundabor,.

  2. We keep saying he must be publicly excommunicated along with his minions & VII revoked but no-one with the authority to do so is listening. They are either complicit or held back by blind obedience to the pope (any pope, even an antipope) by some demonic power. Our Lady said her request to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart would be done but it would be late. Well it is terribly late & no signs of that happening in the very near future. One would expect that some prelate with a conscience would start the ball rolling by publicly denouncing PF for what he is – a pertinacious heretic, blasphemer, idolator & apostate who has usurped the Throne of Peter.

  3. That “frankie the weasel” states he didn’t have the “intention” of worshipping a pagan idol the fact is that he did.
    To even intimate that this might be a representation of “our lady of the amazon” is scandalous.
    Nothing more than a weak excuse.
    I am repulsed.

  4. Is the Pope given the approval to child and human sacrefice, he must know what this pagan religion involves.

  5. I wish the two Cristeros had accidentally grabbed him instead.
    If it’s business as usual after this, it’s on us.
    Nothing can, or should be, the same. The pope broke the First Commandment on the Feast of Christ the King. He enthroned a demon on the altar, either in St. Peter’s or in the garden. This is so blatant, so obvious, so undeniably evil and pagan it really can’t be denied, not even by the usual apologists. He worshiped a demon and wants all Catholics to worship demons.
    He continues to promote Pachamama and demon worship. The Cardinals and bishops are imperiling their immortal souls by not denouncing him entirely. They may not get an opportunity to repent of the great sin of not denouncing him, death may come so quickly they have not the time. If they believe in Hell at all they need to defend Christ, the church, the faith, and the flock, before it is too late for them.

  6. Agree, Bergog is an apostate and outside the Church, excommunicated ipso facto latae sententiae. Catholics not in communion with the Pope are “outside the Church,” subject to excommunication. Are we now without a Pope? Does BXVI step up? Does anyone know what in heaven’s name is going on? How should the continued inclusion of Francis in the Canon of the Mass be treated?

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