Creepy Joe Loses Again On His Way To Certain Defeat


Joe Biden – asked again about the priest who refused to give him communion – said, again, that he does not talk about it. After which, he proceeded to… talk about it, accusing the priest of having “gone to the press” and stating that pope Francis does give him Communion.

My dear Creepy Joe: Francis wants to give communion to Protestants, adulterers, shamans in the forest, probably even cats and dogs! It is really no surprise that he has allowed a fake Catholic like you to receive Holy Communion! These days receiving Communion from pope Francis is not a sign of distinction, but a sign of suspicion.

If Biden thinks this incident is going to be soon forgotten, he is mistaken. This has put abortion square into the public debate, and it will not need many other incidents like this one to make of abortion a permanent fixture of the primary season. Every time the man is known to have received communion, the brave priest who denied it to him will be remembered. Every time he mentions abortion in debates and tries his tired excuse of being personally opposed to… slavery but feeling he has no right to …. prevent other people from owning slaves, the Catholic listeners will be reminded of this. It might be only 3, 4 or 5% of them that decided not to vote for him, but this is still a permanent damage for him and, perhaps more importantly, a permanent place for the slaughter of innocents in the coming campaign.

I hope that Trump picks up on this, and does not get tired of putting abortion front and centre in the political debate in the months coming to the elections. It will be a heavy blow to the Democrats if Biden himself wins the nomination, but it will still help with the Southern Blacks and the Latino vote if someone else does. If Trump manages to sway even only 2 or 3% of each voting block with this argument, it will be a great victory not only for himself (he will likely win anyway) but for the unborn in the US and elsewhere.

In the meantime, Creepy Joe Biden will keep saying that he does not talk about his being such an obscene type of Catholic that he is denied communion, before taking the worst possible excuse for it any Catholic can imagine.

Dear “Quid pro Joe”, I have bad news for you: Francis is a losing card. Appealing to him as a credential of Catholicism is not going to bring you one additional vote. But you are going to lose anyway, so in the end it’s all the same.



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  1. Does the pope poop in the woods?
    This pope poops everywhere he goes.

    This guy makes me think of the song, “Frankie and Johnny.”

  2. And Creepy, Sleepy, 30330, Quid Pro Joe Biden is also banned from Holy Communion under Canon Law of 1983, under Section 1374 & Apostolic Declaration of 26 November, 1983, due to membership in Freemasonry(Canon Law of 1917, Section 2335, would state that he’s excommunicated).

  3. Biden has always been his own worst enemy. Stupid is a stupid does.

  4. I think he automatically spit out a lie when he said the priest went to the press.
    Truth be known they contacted him.
    Father of Lies…

    • Yes, to my knowledge someone near Biden saw the event and contacted the press, they contacted him. Still, good off the good priest to make this public, because Biden is a public figure.

  5. Mundabor, You have resurrected the discussion that happens now every 4 years, and it is becoming clearer and clearer – It is a mortal sin for a catholic with a well-formed conscience to vote for any democrat at any level of government. The democrat political consultants have figured this out and this is why they are trying to import new welfareslaves in to replace the catholics and minorities who are escaping from the demplantations. [Great discussion, google Candace Owens Burgess Owens].

    No democrat and no member of the catholic homoarchy will discuss “intrinsic evils” – there now are no “proportionate reasons” sufficient to outweigh the PLETHORA, as in legion, intrinsic evils that the demoncrats advocate, and which they demand be paid for with the tax dollars of God-fearing people. The ordained democrat homopredators and the donkey party’s clerical sodorapists will be rending their expensive seamless garments mid Nov 2020 as they look out at the seas from their faithful-funded beach rendevous for altar boys.

    You are spot on with: “If Trump manages to sway even only 2 or 3% of each voting block with this argument, it will be a great victory not only for himself (he will likely win anyway) but for the unborn in the US and elsewhere.”

    I suspect it weill be 5% to 15% of blacks, hispanics and catholics, voting non-democrat depending on which county, city, or state. What do you do when you cannot get the votes, legally? You import illegals and you impeach the president.

    Guy, Texas

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