Mr Rousseau Meets South American “Good Savages”.

Well, it looks like the myth of the “good savage” has taken another massive blow.

We all knew the likes of Inca and Aztecs practiced ritual sacrifice of their human victims, before the oh so cruel Western, Christian Civilisation blessedly descended upon them. But I must admit that the sacrifice of hundreds of their own children in the same graveyard is something that even I, who consider savages, actually, savages, was not prepared for.

It all goes back to the simple concept of Original Sin. Left to itself, the human race has the potential for great cruelty, and whenever God is forgotten and the Christian influence on people is lessened, savagery rears its ugly head – in one way or another – again.

The Holocaust is an obvious example. Another case of modern savagery is all around us, sanctioned by our laws just in the way the Aztecs or Inca sanctioned their own massacres: abortion.

And in fact, the savagery of hundreds of children killed because of the savages’ superstitions seems, to me, on par with the savagery of killing, in the United States alone, roughly one million babies a year because their mothers do not wish to be encumbered with them.

It truly makes the Aztecs almost look civilised. But make no mistake: they weren’t.

Sorry to inform you, Mr Rousseau, but the savages were not good. They were, actually, savage. You were, likely, the first in a long series of politically correct dummies selling our own civilisation down the river, because of your desire to feel good with yourself as you bitch against everybody else.

God knows you have many followers nowadays. Like you, they don’t care about facts and common sense. It’s feeling good with oneself that counts.

Savages kill children. Godless people kill children. Cruel regimes kill children.

But it’s our very own, great Christopher Columbus that is considered the bad guy, and the symbol of oppression.

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  1. How timely is this?! It throws open the curtain with the light of day onto the horror that is the killing of children. There are also the murders of several children and babies just south of the US border in a Mexican drug cartel war. It almost seems God is putting in their faces the horror that the liberal establishment so much desires. For those of you who do not yet do so, please pray the Rosary daily. I have heard that you cannot say you are on the team if you do not.

    • You certainly can, and there is no obligation to pray the Rosary, daily or otherwise. But I don’t know of any devotion so beautiful and so rich of blessings.

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