Mundabor Pro Domo Sua


Many a site I visit on the Internet (Catholic or not) has one of those pop-up windows who suddenly get, literally, in your face and ask for money.

I wish I had the possibility of installing such a pop-up window.

It would not ask for money, at least not directly.

It would ask for a “Hail Mary” for the salvation of the author’s soul. Perhaps once a year (during Advent, or Holy Week) it would also ask for Masses being offered for the salvation of the same.

I do not have (that I know of) the ability of having such a window installed. But I still have a blog, so there:

I ask my readers, if they like my posts, to say, before or after reading one, a “Hail Mary” for the salvation of this wretched sinner.

I also wonder whether the one or other would, if they liked the blog posts I have written during the year, offer a Mass for me. This can be done easily online at sites like Aid to the Church in Need, also helping some poor priest living in financial straits, and often in danger, in the Third World.

I do not request or demand anything. I write my blog primarily so that the Blessed Virgin may look on me with favour, and help me in the hour of my death. No-one owes me anything, and I promise you that you will never read, on this blog, “appeals” on the lines of “unless you give me money this site might close”.

This little effort is for you to enjoy and perhaps profit from, and it is written, literally, gratis et amore Dei. It is written so that one day, when the call comes, I may say, together with all of us, “Presente!”.

Still, I cannot help thinking that Masses offered for me from people I do not even know will please heaven, both for myself and for the donor of the Mass, more than the Masses I offer for myself (I do that, too); and it is a consolation to think that one day, perhaps on my death bed, I will be comforted by the idea that many Masses have been offered for my salvation, perhaps more than I could have reasonably offered for myself.

And this is why today I dare to ask my readers – even without the pop-up window – to try to take the habit of saying a Hail Mary for me either before or after reading my blog post; and, (but only if they are assiduous readers and have enjoyed reading my blog during 2019), to consider offering a Mass for me, a wretched sinner, as a “thank you” for some 250 yearly blog posts.

It is not often that I ask something strictly for myself.

Today is one of those times.

I leave the matter to your good heart; and may we all, one day, rejoice together in a place of perfect joy, without the Francises and all the abominations of our days.

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  1. Thanks Mundabor. We appreciate all you do. And the way you do it. I just clicked the heavenly PrayPal button committing to daily prayer for you and your work.

  2. Dear M.

    I start my day with you. I live in the Pacific Time Zone, so even if I awaken at 3am there’s usually a nice, fresh post to read. You have brought me much joy and strengthened me in my faith. You also set me straight years ago on the SSPX—they are not schismatic! I now attend a mission parish they serve.

    I pray for you and all faithful Catholic bloggers regularly, but I promise to have a TLMass said for you ASAP.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death!

  3. Said. God bless you!

  4. I will pray for you and have Mass said for you. I read your blog posts and appreciate them. Thank you.

  5. Mundy, I will endeavor to remember you with an Ave with each reading, and with every comment, and ask in return just one Ave from you for ALL of your readers before each posting, (not that I think you don’t).
    Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee. Pater Noster…, Ave Maria…, Gloria Patri…

  6. I would be happy to offer a mass but isn’t it necessary to have your name ? I understood you to be an anonymous blogger.

    • No, it’s not. God knows everything. “Mundabor” will work. “That cantankerous man who wrote a blog post asking for Masses for him” works, too! 😉

  7. Mundy.Prayers just said.Also i will pray for you when i attend The Tridentine Rite tomorrow.God Bless you.Keep writing!

  8. Every Sunday at Mass, while chanting the Asperges, I remember you.

  9. Oh, I will try so hard to remember to do just that, God bless you for your good work. He knows our heart, knows our intentions, it comforts me to know he can take small efforts and turn it into something useful. This blog is terrific, and a real comfort to the suffering Church Militant.

  10. Ave Maria offered for you just now. Dominus vobiscum.

  11. I will try to do as you request. I’m saying a Hail Mary right now for you!

  12. I am Very alone in ‘atraditional’ meaning all Modernist Catholics here, in Hawai’i and plan to move now that I’ve laid to rest the idea of applying at the Carmel here, Vatican II too. I’m a convert; is it possible to have a mass said for one’s own soul? To offer a stipend for this? I don’t really see why not. No one here to offer too, if the idea occurred to me for mysel

    I am reading about the Sacred Heart from St. Mechtilde, in an old book which gives a lot of detail from Our Lord on all aspects of prayer during all parts of the Life of Our Lord well before St. Margaret Mary Alacoque … [the material from The Book of Special Grace was a long time ago put into its own book concentrating on the revelations about the Sacred Heart and it is in pdf and can be purchased online]… ANYWAY! My reason to bring this up is that Our Lord has taught me that everything I seem to do for others is really done for Him and He recommends several times to have recourse to Him only for any grace at all we need in fact when St. Mechtilde tried to insist that she, it appeared, wanted to achieve of herself, to give to Him, he replied ‘having the last word,’ that it is better to Ask Him for any grace at all and every single thing we want…. to seek and find it in Him and above all to show confidence him Him by Asking. This makes Him Very Happy. I do this for spiritual direction, and use His Mother too… since I have zero spiritual direction and can’t very well use myself.

    Do not worry! We appreciate you. Our Lord does, I am sure.

    • You are certainly allowed to have masses said for you. I don’t know exactly what you mean as stipend. You can’r offer a Gregorian of Masses for you whilst you are alive. I think you can leave money to have it said for you after you are dead.

  13. If this Prot may pray, and not from his tradition.

    ALMIGHTY God, unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid: Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love thee, and worthily magnify thy holy Name; through Christ our Lord. Amen

    • Thanks Chris.
      Best thing a Prot may do is, actually, convert. I know it’s more difficult these days. But the Church is just as resplendent below the dirt as She has always been.

  14. Scusa caro Mundabor, leggo spesso il tuo blog e devo dire che mi trovo molto d’accordo con te su molti argomenti, soprattutto con il tuo stile iconoclasta e sopra le righe e …mooolto spiritoso ! Ho una curiosità, specie dopo aver visto l’immagine del sacrario di Redipuglia. Avevo capito che sei italiano, ma.. sei forse della Venezia Giulia ?? Io sono di Trieste…

  15. Stéphane Mercier

    Deal! You’ll get the Ave’s from me, and definitely a Tridentine Mass being said for you this very month. Keep it going!

  16. Mr. M, I already pray for you and appreciate what you do! 😊

  17. I look back and realize that you were ahead of the curve on Holy Smoke. Maybe it was because you grew up in Italy and have a more realistic view of the Church, both good and bad. Here in the U.S. – and I suspect in England – we believed that the Pope was so holy, so close to God, that his every word was to be accepted as gospel. You’re a true warrior for he faith, Mundy, and your courage inspires the rest of us. It goes without saying that I pray for you.

    • Thanks, Annie. Many Anglo-Saxon faithful have a distorted idea of the Papacy. In Italy, we are more realistic because the evidence of bad Popes is everywhere…

  18. Of course I pray for you. But the best moment is when on Sunday at the TLM we start singing the Asperges… When it comes to ‘mundabor’, I thank God for you and I feel so strong.

  19. Thank you for the reminder to your readers to offer a Hail Mary for you each day. I have begun.

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