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Enough With The Interviews, Cardinal Burke!

Athanasius refuses to obey a heretical Pope. Is he in Schism? No. He is Catholic.

Lefebvre refuses to close a Seminary, or appoints new Bishops, because he needs to do so in order to keep safeguarding the integrity of the Church. Is he in Schism? No. He is Catholic.

Twenty (or fifteen, or eighteen) Cardinals refuse to go on with an apostate Pope, denounce his heresy and apostasy, and declare him deposed. Are they in Schism? No. They are Catholic.

You can never be in schism from the Truth you are protecting. If the pope is on the wrong side, it is no schism to be on the other one. On the contrary, it is the Pope who tries to carry almost the entire “institutional” Church in schism with him, in a process similar to what we have seen in the time of Athanasius.

Cardinal Burke tries to defend his inaction by stating that he does not want to cause a Schism. He is wrong. He should, if you ask me, rather say that the idea of living in a modest home, deprived of all rank fro the Vatican, and depending on the donations of the Catholics who side with Truth, is unsavoury to him.

Things have come to a point where even comparisons with Honorius pale in front of the brazeness of Jorge Bergoglio. If it made sense for Athanasius to just ignore the Pope and go his own way – something, I am sure, Burke would call a Schism, as Athanasius and Eusebius both appointed bishops with territorial competences, – this can certainly not be said of today, when a word whispered in the ear of the Francisbishop (that he better disappear, if he wants to remain in one piece; yes, in those times niceness was not a religion) has zero chances of working in real life.

Burke needs to condemn this Pope, with the support of no matter how many Cardinals (zero, or three dozen) can be found. He needs to do it firstly, because he said he would, and secondly, because he sends clear signals that he fully understands that Francis is a heretic and an apostate.

That Francis needed to correct his errors or be denounced is not something I invented. It is something he said himself. The situation is now even worse than after Amoris Laetitia, and it can be reasonably said that it is worse because of his inaction. Had the Dubia Cardinals followed on their clear threat, we would very likely not be at this point. The shepherds are waiting for the wolf to die whilst the sheep are slaughtered, and this is not what a shepherd is supposed to do.

Burke not only sees the gravity of the situation, but he regularly signals that he very well does so. The only thing he seems utterly unable to do is, actually, act.

God forbid, this one becomes the next Pope! Chances are that apostasy will spread everywhere within the Church and pachamamas will be spotted in countless churches in south america, whilst the man reassures us that he sees everything and does, as is his custom, nothing.

Enough with the interviews, Your Grace.

Apostasy has come to the very top.

Will you act?

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