“church Of Nice” Celebrates World Kindness Day

Frankie is seen here celebrating World Kindness Day



This would have been a joke only a few decades ago. 

The Catholic Church feels the need to parrot the world, adopting a “day” that was “created” by a group of obscure NGOs some twenty tears ago. I wonder what kind of people the promoters are on… all the other days of the year.

In Her two thousand year long history, the Church has never felt the need to have a “world kindness day”. Firstly, the Church is concerned primarily with heaven, and therefore celebrates Her angels, saints, martyrs, etc.  Secondly, kindness is easily misunderstood, misused or even perverted. If one lives in a religious frame of mind, his kindness will be completely different – and will often manifest in very different ways – than the purely emotional “kindness” of the worldly man; which, more often than not, is just a celebration of everything that is wrong in order to celebrate oneself for one’s own… kindness.

The kindness of the world helps people to go to hell. And when it doesn’t, it is often just emotional tosh.

According to this site (boy: who pays for this rubbish?) treating yourself to a cup of coffee is an act of kindness. They must know. They have written the list.

Let us say it again: there is a kind of kindness that helps people – including the “kind” giver of “kindpliments” – to go to hell. There is a kind of kindness that reinforces people in their sin, often scandalous sin, which in these times can be perversions and abominations our Christian ancestors did not even dare to mention. But hey, we are so kind, aren’t we?

The atheist missionary goes to hell. Imagine the pit of the atheist donor of coffees to himself!

At least, Accomplice Emeritus gets that the small acts of kindness “make a person pure” (in itself, another big piece of tosh: congratulations, Accomplice Emeritus! You are well on your way to Francification!) only if accompanied by truth and love; but I very much doubt that Francis The Apostate gets even that.

To Francis, being kind must mean that your orthodox religious order gets massacred more slowly than the FFI.

And now please excuse me, I need my morning cup of coffee.

Yeah, I know.

I am so, so kind…

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  1. Stéphane Mercier

    I remember a friend jokingly reporting a song that was meant to rebuild your self-esteem. The lyrics were quite appropriate for today’s celebration of universal kindness: “I love me, I love me, I love me… as I will be.” (No joke, that was it.) Then in went on and on. Now let your own kindness overflow your whole being.
    And if you’re still not feeling complete, and you can take more, then follow my kind advice and try French singer Zazie’s “Tout le monde il est beau” on Youtube. Everybody’s nice, that’s it. Especially those bearing a name obviously linked to some country on the wrong side of the Mediterranean sea.
    Then have another coffee. You deserve it.

  2. “Day of Kindness” in similar to Francis “Year of Mercy”. We is implied is kindness without correction and mercy without repentance. In other words, a spiritual ‘free lunch’.

  3. Orwell warned us in many of his essays of the use of everyday words for political manipulation. Orwell went to fight in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Leftists, but returned to England disillusioned. Why? Because he witnessed first hand the hypocrisy of the Communists who ended up murdering anyone they did not like, despite the talk of “brotherhood”. This kindness thing got going in the West after many people turned to Buddhism – the Insight Meditation folks go on and on about “loving-kindness”. Afterwards, the New Age movement adopted it, reducing it to plain old kindness. Problem is to whom should you be kind? Everyone? Even Trump supporters? Oh dear, that’s asking too much. You see, “love your enemies and forgive them” is not part of the kindness thing because it’s too hard. So you get to decide who you will be kind to today. It’s all subjective.

    Then you ask: what does being kind entail? Telling them they’ll end up in hell because they are defrauding their shareholders and underpaying their employees? Notice that New Age followers enter get down to detail on what kindness means.

  4. How about “World Chastity Day”? Oh, but that would conflict with Amoris Laetitia.

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