Brave New World, Drink Your Medicine!

I love reading these stories.

The best way to expose the madness of gender theory is, actually, apply it. 

Let all those who preach to “support” the idea that one can change his sex practice what they preach, and let us see how much they like it.

I hope that female sport will be utterly and completely annihilated in every discipline. The PC troops need to drink their bitter medicine to the full, if there is to be any hope of getting healthy again. 

Still, only those with a functioning brain will call it “annihilation”. All the others will have to shut up, because they are hypocrites, or actually deny that any annihilation has taken place, as all the freak shows dominating every aspect of the once female disciplines will, actually, be considered “females”.

The sad, confused individual, the object of the linked article, said it, albeit involuntarily, very well:

 “we are either full and equal women or not”

This guy (or whatever he has mutilated himself to at this point; I don’t even want to know) is either a man, or a woman. There can be nothing in the middle.  

I hope this spreads everywhere. From the traditional athletics disciplines to tennis, soccer, you name it.

When the reaction comes, it will have to be based on sanity.

Because you can’t call a man who castrated himself an “imperfect female”, and fills himself with hormones on his way to probable suicide, an “inferior female”. The world does not accept this kind of “discrimination”.

Therefore, it will have to be either madness, or sanity.

Drink of this cup, XXI Century.

Who knows: it might do you good.



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  1. The Loretta clip was perfect. It shows the true insanity of the way these people think and are trying to force us to think!

  2. The very facts that ‘trans men’ beat females in sports pretty much always is an in your face proof that ‘trans men’ are still men. But pointing such obviousness is pollitically incorrect.

    As they say, and Mundabor says, the best way to prove a idea is stupid is to let it run its course.

  3. I love the Loretta clip. And you must be right: let the women all be losers until they are fed up with the ‘manly girls’ dominating their competitions. We will be able to settle in with the beer and popcorn, and watch as both sides take another big drink from the cup and battle it out with one another.

  4. What is lacking here is reason. I would be willing to go along with them if they identified themselves as animals.

  5. The reason they have distaff races in the horse racing world is to separate the stronger male stallions from the less strong fillies and mares. No such thing as a transgender filly to run against female horses. Closest thing would be a gelding – a castrated colt – but even he would win against fillies. It’s called NATURE.

  6. Ronald Sevenster

    One of the dangers of applying Gender Ideology is that it makes sex distinctions socially irrelevant. This could result in their total disappearance in legal and official documents because for governments and administrations these distinctions were no longer interesting. If a biological male can carry a passport by which he is registered as female because of his own choice, then what purpose does this have from an administrative viewpoint? Better leave out all sex identifiers. Such a policy, however, will easily result in creating a taboo on sex identification in general. It will be considered socially unacceptable to mention whether a person is male or female at all. Sex notification will begin to disappear from society and all institutions who don’t comply with this new reality will be criminalized because of “discrimination”. This will result in very odd situations. For example, a man who thinks he is dating a woman may find out after a while (in some cases even after marriage) that he was actually dating a man who was dressed as a woman and made a female impression on him. Another example could be that a catholic priest everyone thought was a man, was in fact a biological woman, because there was no way to find this out in seminary and not admitting a biological woman to the priesthood would be a huge discrimination crime anyway. But it will become even more crazy, since children will grow up without any sex identification. After a while they won’t even know what they are biologically, since sexual identification terms will have become completely meaningless. This is the absurd world we are heading to. Don’t think that the absurd or the self-contradictory will not happen or will not be enforced because it is logically unsustainable. Craziness happens and has a special political attraction. Remember for instance what the French revolutionaires did to the calendar by changing the traditional weeks into new units of ten days.

  7. Mr. McKinnon is hopelessly insane. Who but a madman would say that sport is a huge central part of life? Oh yeah, there’s the gender nonsense, too.

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