Girls Weeping Too Late


Moonbattery has the article, and the article has a shocking video.

I will not join the choir of sympathy for the crying girl. Not, that is, if she thinks like the majority of young women nowadays. I do am in solidarity with the others, but hey, this is the fight the Lord has given them, and they better fight it hard.

A girl who considers it normal that some people be, as they say, “gay”, deserves just what is happening to the crying girl here. A girl who considers a pervert “born that way” will have to draw the consequences of her own thinking.

What is happening in this video has not magically come to pass from nothing, because some pervert woke up in the morning and decided a boy should change in the locker room of the girls.  It has come to pass because of the millions of young women – and their parents – actually supporting the agenda of these people.

What is happening is clear. Millions of people – girls, boys, parents; albeit I see most of this stuff in women – have decided to be oh so sensitive towards the deviant, because they thought it would never affect them directly. Tough luck, girls. It is time to learn a lesson: Satan does not allow you to support him from a distance. He will exact his tribute. He will come straight to you, invade your life and your intimate sphere, endeavour to pervert you in your simplest thinking processes, make you get accustomed to what we have seen in this video.

It is a bit late to cry now, girl. Now you will have to get the dangling dong of this disgusting individual in front of you every day. Good! It will remind you, every day, of the insanity of gender theory. 

There can be no middle way between sanity and insanity. The stupidity of “what harm do they do to you” is being unmasked in the most spectacular of ways. As always, the Lord shows us the error of our ways and the consequences of sin. It is providential, and very fitting, that a society that has allowed the gender madness to happen be punished in this way, then God will not be mocked. 

Make no mistake: this madness is very likely to spread for a while. It will cause a lot of pain, because the atheist, stupid society of the XXI Century will struggle to get to grips with its own madness, torn between the love for their girls and the desire to feel good and inclusive with which they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed so that they can feel good with themselves. Feeling good with oneself is the XXI Century’s surrogate of religion, and it is deeply embedded in Western societies; therefore, there will be a lot of pain.

I have no sympathy for the average american girl out there. The average american girl out there says “gay” like I say “cold”, or “cloudy”.

Well, get some of that gayness in your locker room now.

Let’s see how gay it makes you.






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  1. “Feeling good with oneself is the XXI Century’s surrogate of religion, and it is deeply embedded in Western societies; therefore, there will be a lot of pain.”

    Yes, the pain of self discovery when it dawns on people that they are weak, helpless and often evil. Without faith in God, and His love and grace to help us, this condition is intolerable leading depression, drugs, death. This is where much of our society is headed–often aided by some in the Catholic Church including you know who.

  2. It is time for Mafia justice.

  3. I agree with you, and it is the same for girls and women now losing in sport competitions all over the place, but saying little about it. How many parents spend thousands of dollars, spent lots of weekends and time squiring about little Penelope to camps and competitions, only to see biological males who identify as females come in and take all the trophies? This is happening all over the place. More victims, but where’s the fuss? They must be stuffing it down and taking it. Wow.

    I wouldn’t have my kid in public school because of this demonic situation here, never my daughter. But that 21st century person is so convinced that unless they throw in their pinch of incense and say the right things about homosexuals, transgenders, Muslims, or any other of the zillion divided groups there are, they are “bad people”, or God forbid, “bigots” the most feared word of all. We are really a brainwashed, idiotic civilization, incapable of individual thought and common sense. It’s a horror, really and truly, to see Western culture just collapse under the weight of group-think and thought control. Our people are brain dead.

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