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I happened to read, back to back, an article about the flailing campaign of the “Horizontal Senator”, Kamala Harris, and another one about the extremely creepy “blessing” of the holy farter, Francis The Commie Clown; a blessing without Jesus, without cross, without actually even the … blessing, or anything that would actually indicate a Christian, much less a Pope.

It seemed to me that the two stories sent the same warning: evil people are going to lose in the end. Some sooner, and some later. Some after a handful of years in the spotlight, some with only months; but they all lose in the end.

Harris’ campaign is so broke they have not bought tv ads for months now. The internal squabbles are frightful. She lost her key campaigner to Bloomberg, and having put her own sister at the helm of the campaign (note to donors here : the money you give to the campaign will likely be used to cushion family members to a nice, privileged existence) does not seem to have helped, either. She is on her last legs, and is failing miserably even in the State dumb enough to send her to the Senate.

I see a nice parallel here with the Evil Clown. Whilst his job is assured for life (but only because of the cowardice of bishops and cardinals), he will not remain in office for very long, either. Like Kamala, he is now despised by the same people who elected him. Like Kamala, he has lost face, and will never get it back. Like Kamala, he rode a short wave of popularity that persuaded him that he was really the man of the hour, and when he tested his clout he discovered he just doesn’t have any.

Granted: Kamala clearly owes her Senate seat to her prowess in bed, but we don’t know about Francis – though, frankly, by the scale of evil I would not be surprised of that, either -. Also, Francis has a level of shocking dumbness and arrogance that I do not think even Horizontal Kamala can match. Still, whilst their similarity ends at some point, they both epitomize the leftist loser when the world catches up with him.

Harris will soon disappear into presidential oblivion, and I think after this debacle she will not find it easy – her horizontal currency being now devalued – to defend her Senate seat when the time comes.

Francis will, at some point hopefully in the near future, disappear too, and he will likely end in a pit in hell so deep that even the Evil One will struggle to see down there. He will, though, have all the time in hell to do what he likes most: curse and insults everybody as he throws tantrums.

Losers, both of them.

The Holly And The Ivy

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