The First Nowell

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  1. Mundabor,
    Sometimes I go in backyard at night to check out the night sky. I know Heaven is there. I like reading your blog. I still think there are more good people than bad people in the world.
    Otherwise, our God would severly punish/chastise us especially if we are way ahead of the sinful society in Noah’s time.

    Noah’s time. The Church’s Cardinals and Bishops and priests who intentionally engage in this sinful behavior, in their minds, to an extent, truly believe themselves to be a part of the good people as mentioned above.

    So in their minds and collectively together, they say to the effect “no one can stop us” with their abhorent behavior in front of God, Saints, Angels, Demons and His Church.
    Somebody, I mean somebody, who is a very holy man has to come on the scene and stop and change ” the way” back to holiness.

    It sounds like Our Lord Jesus Christ return. But its not that time. We need to go deeper into the cesspool and longer. Wow are we paying for our first parents sins.

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