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O Come, All Ye Faithful

Clown The Older And Clown The Younger

The appointment of Cardinal Tagle to the Congregation for Evangelization is another of those involuntarily funny moments of this clown papacy: incompetent faithless leftist appoints another incompetent faithless leftist to do something in which neither of them believes.

Still, the appointment will allow both to virtue signal like there is no tomorrow (I actually hope that, for Francis, there will be no tomorrow), and fly around the world in order to tell us Catholics how very, very bad we are. It is as if we were the forced public of these two clowns, and not allowed to leave the big, rainbow-coloured circus tent until they both do us the favour and die.

Still, I for myself will refuse to stay seated, even if I actually have a life subscription. I will leave the circus (not the Church) and insistently refuse to pay any attention to what Clown the Younger and Clown the Older are doing; which is, by the way, the reason why I ignore that lewd man’s now almost daily antics anyway.

I suggest you contribute to the work of evangelization by utterly ignoring these two abject scoundrels and frauds. If will be not only a feat much appreciated in heaven, but also a useful exercise in the disgraceful case that Tagle is appointed as Francis II The Stupidly Smiling, the successor of the Evil Clown Of The Great Mess.

You don’t want to see that stupid, forced smile for the rest 40 years, do you?

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