Bianco Natale

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  1. Most people below the age of 40 don’t know any Christmas songs that have anything to do with the Nativity. Years ago t.v. had countless Christmas specials where these songs and others like them were sung. People had records of a choir or of a popular singer that performed them. Department stores played them. There were still scout troops that sung these songs at train stations and even came around to people’s houses. I remember as a kid getting hot chocolate from neighbors when we caroled at their houses. Now all we have are gag inducing songs like, “Holly Jolly Christmas” or the “Chipmunk Christmas Song” which are played over and over on a loop till I want to scream. You may not realize it, Mundy, but your posting of beautiful carols is very counter-cultural. It inspired me to introduce carols this year to a group of CCD kids. None of them know traditional Christmas songs but they really love learning the words and singing along with them. It’s thanks to you that they now know them.

    • Thanks. I must say here in England it is not so bad. You find street choirs (Scout etc) singing traditional Christmas carols on the street, in shopping centres, and on underground stations.
      The problem is, it is all an emotional exercise for people who, largely, do not believe in Christ anyway.

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