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Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Three Abject Losers

It was glorious. It was like a replay of that night in June 2016, or of the sleepless  night I spent watching Trump triumph.

At 10 PM, the Exit Polls emitted a clear verdict: a Tory victory closely resembling a landslide. But exit polls can be insidious, and I told my old heart to just wait and see how the night goes.

The night did not disappoint, and the blows came fast and hard for the Communist Party of Britain, aka Labour. It went on all night, with the other Public Enemy, Mssss Jo Swinson, managing to not be elected in her own constituency: a defeat and humiliation of historic proportion. She had bragged about her chances of becoming Prime Minister. Snowflake Generation has no contact with reality.

During the night, I had a long time to reflect.

The young and not very smart leader of the Lib Dems has not a little in common with the Evil Clown, the holy farter, the prophet of Pachamama. The arrogance of thinking that they know best, think best and are best is common to both of them. The low degree of intelligence and an uncanny inability to understand how much they embarrass themselves when they open their mouth is another one. Francis is, to his great luck, not exposed to such polling. But Swinson is, and her party had to witness, during the weeks of the campaign, how the more the public knew their new leader, the less they liked her: dragging down the entire party, who had made a heavy image and propaganda investment on her (predictably, “first female here”, “first female” there).

They also both share the unbelievable arrogance of insulting their own constituents: Francis with his pretence of teaching a new religion, Swinson with the chuzpah of openly proclaiming that she, as a Prime Minister (I would not be surprised she believed she could really do it. As I write this, the LibDems are at 11 MPs out of 650, and she is not one of them!), would just have ignored and nullified the will of the people. Democracy a la carte.

Shut up, children. Jo Swinson knows best.

Still, I see the greater resemblance with Francis in the other, even greater loser of the night: comrade Jeremy Corbyn.

Resentful, acidic, promoter of a politics of blank envy, raw hatred and shameless handout politics, Corbyn is the third in a trio that sees Maduro and Francis as the other two proponents of Unlimited Envy as a viable political message. They have lost Morales recently, and I am sure both suffered greatly for it. Corbyn’s rhetoric was just as openly, unashamedly stupid as Francis’, both in his communist ideals (these people wanted to nationalise parts of the communication industry, besides launching a raft of anti-capitalism initiatives really hard to believe) and in his shameless appeal to the Muslim vote. It is, I dare say, clear at this point that Corbyn allowed anti-Semitism in his own party to go unchallenged – and fuelled it himself, notwithstanding the many formal protestations – on purpose, in order to excite and mobilise the “militant” Muslim vote. A huge “wink-wink” exercise was going on, by which Corbyn pretended to distance himself form anti-semitism and support of Hamas, whilst quietly asking his Muslim, and especially Arab Muslim voters to pay attention and draw the conclusions.

It failed gloriously. Both Swinson and Corbyn now see their political career in tatters. Swinson might never recover and, bar exceptional efforts at networking and rich protectors, will likely end up as a third-rate journalist, or cashier at Tesco’s, before long.  Corbyn is a far more rooted, navigated politician, and he will resume, from his safe seat in rich Islington, the role he had for many years: leftists firebrand and outright emmerdeur. He has been refining the role for decades now, he’ll do that in his sleep. If we are lucky, he will also destroy the entire party in the process, because he seems intentioned to try to have Corbynism survive Corbyn, with a bloody civil war inside Labour not improbable at all.

Bergoglio, Corbyn, Swinson.

Three faces of the same stupidity. Three example of suicidal arrogance.

But most of all, three abject losers.

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