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O Tannenbaum

Killing Babies, The Conservative Way

Unknown to many even in Europe, Northern Ireland has resisted the abortion madness until the Year of the Lord 2019, when the Government of the allegedly conservative Theresa May tried to force them to. The degree of autonomy enjoyed by Northern Ireland would have allowed them to reject the measure, but as the locals are deeply divided and actually not making their legislative chamber work, the measure passed.

The local medical personnel is now fighting for at least conscientious objection, which the allegedly conservative Theresa May obviously denied them. This gives you the measure of the scale of evil currently pervading the so called conservative mainstream, now reduced to a movement aimed at paying some less taxes whilst they unquestionably sanction everything from abortion to institutionalised sexual perversion.

We now have a Prime Minister with a fresh, very strong mandate. If the guy has conservative blood in his veins, he will intervene to at least protect the rights of coscentious objectors. If he (as I deeply fear) is just another little prostitute with his finger in the air, trying to gauge where the blind blows, he will likely be in trouble anyway as many doctors and nurses choose to leave the profession – and may the Lord reward them richly for it – rather than serving their Nazi masters.

Yes, we have just avoided falling in the hands of rabid Communists. But this here is a very sober reminder that whilst the situation has not become worse, it is still dire.

Pray for the good doctors and nurses of Northern Ireland.

The allegedly conservative Government wants to force them to kill babies.

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