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Once In Royal David’s City

Sound Prayers For Christmas

Yesterday, the holy farter has celebrated another evil birthday, no doubt rejoicing in still breathing from his 1.5 lungs when so many good Catholics wish he were six feet under. Alas, it wasn’t to be, at least for this birthday. It seems clear to me that the punishment God justly inflicts on us has not finished yet.

The birthday of the Evil Clown is a fitting occasion for yours truly to impart another of his little, politically incorrect thoughts on his readership.

We do not wish anyone death – much less hell – because of personal animosity against the person. Both are, no doubt, mortal sins. Still, in the same way as it was perfectly legitimate to desire the death of Stalin or Pol Pot, Allende or Chavez, because of the suffering they were inflicting on millions because of their corruption, cruelty and/or evil ideology, it is perfectly legitimate to desire, for the good of the Church and the salvation of Catholics, the swift demise of this extraordinarily evil man.

Jorge Bergoglio, unworthily and shamelessly reigning as very possibly the most evil pope in history, is such an involuntary caricature of a decent, or even half decent, Pope, that it is a great mystery to me how anyone who is, actually, a Catholic might wish him a continuation, perhaps for many years, of his work of sabotage and attempted destruction of the Church he so clearly despises. Actually, it is not clear to me how a proper Catholic could not wish the end of his pontificate; which, after the recent experiences, really should not be through another abdication, swiftly followed by The Three Popes, possibly singing all three in a charity CD for the use of the happy clappy folks.

No. The only good outcome at this point is that the man dies. Whatever comes next (the idea of Pope Tagle is enough to make me vomit), at least this cretin will be gone, and may the Lord have mercy on his soul.

Therefore, my dear readers, on the approaching of Christmas I invite you to do a good deed: say a Hail Mary for the soul of the poor bastard, and then ask God to send him to his judgment as swiftly as can be.

You should, also, profit of the Festivities to inform your relatives of your prayer habits, using the predictable worldly indignation that follows for a little bit of sound Catholic teaching. Should make for good entertaining, and food for thoughts at the same time.

Retard Greta is now the U.N. Pope. Stupid Francis is the Vatican’s Greta. It looks like we will get rid of the latter much earlier than of the former.

Your prayers for the idiot’s sweet demise are appreciated on behalf of sound Catholicism.

You are, as always, welcome.

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