Christmas Come Early

We have seen in the UK, in the recent years, a clearly identifiable pattern: the extreme left takes control of the main opposition party and pushes it toward maximalist positions. The re-shaped party excites and energises the minority of extremists. However, put to the test of the ballot box, the party gets a historic pummeling.

I seem to see the same pattern in the US. The extreme left activists, angered by Trump’s victory, attempt to take over the Democratic party. Whilst this is not as evident or official as in the UK, they are influential enough that more senior members of the party, terrified by the leftist mob and obviously uncaring for the Country’s institutions, give in to their demand and stage the long-wanted, if extremely stupid, impeachment theatre to satisfy their childish fantasies of revenge after their clear defeat in 2016.

I make an easy prediction here, and state that the impeachment is the US is the equivalent of the Labour plans of re-nationalisation of part of the communication and utility industry. In the same way as Labour chose to energise an extremist fringe, but lost the support of the mainstream Labour voters and scared away the undecided, the Democrats have chosen to give their extremist children a toy for Christmas, but this will very likely alienate to them a good part of the the mainstream Democrat voters, of the independent and, in general, of those who still have remnants of reason in them. The likes of Schiff and Pelosi don’t care, because they are elected in safe constituencies where such games help them to be reelected. Still, many others will pay the price of their submission to their evil masters. As to the Presidential race, good luck with that, also considering the amusingly abysmal quality of the candidates, themselves largely the fruit of the childish leftist drive of the party grassroots.

The US society is, by and large, more conservative than the UK one. It is also far more patriotic and attached to its Democratic institutions. It seems to me that the Democrats have invited disaster. Time will tell; but, if you ask me, this impeachment is Christmas come early.

Electoral victory is not something that can be left to children. It is the fruit of a mixture of – hopefully – personal integrity and patriotism and – always – a wise calibration on controversial issues. The Democrats are failing big on both counts.

They are fools if they think the American people will not notice.

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  1. Yes, the unintended consequences of impeachment will be Trump’s victory in 2020.

  2. I agree that the Dems will reap the whirlwind on this, but the reasons behind it are far more complex and dark than just lunatic Lefties running wild.

    Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican. He was recruited by Patriots in the military and intelligence agencies to undo the “creeping coup” that the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama had been perpetrating on the US for nearly three decades. Their plan was for Obama to set the stage for Hillary, who would win and be the last President before they engineered one or more disasters to bring down the Constitution and replace it with a socialist dictatorship.

    They never dreamed she would lose. But Hillary, being incompetent, did. Next, then they had to get rid of Trump ASAP, because they know he will dismantle their work and expose them for the crimes they’ve committed, which go way beyond treason and are quite heinous as we’re seeing with the Epstein story of child abuse and occultism. Yes, there is a reason why these people hate Christianity so passionately.

    The Mueller hoax was expected to bring down Trump. But that having failed, they are only more desperate to get him out office. They have no choice. So, they’ve put together a fake impeachment to try to undermine his authority and use the controlled media to create a firestorm that will drive him out à la Nixon. This is backfiring big time here. But expect more desperate games to come.

  3. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Good morning Mundy….beautiful day here in Philadelphia PA although a bit brisk at 24 degrees F….we’re headed to 35.

    I keep reading about the democratic institutions in the USA…..we are a Constitutional Republic tinged with a bit of democracy.

    Check this post out at NCRenegade….the pictures would not cut and paste and are worth viewing.

    Here goes:

    Call Their Bluff
    Posted on December 20, 2019 by Wes Rhinier

    Now, the slapdash half-assed and fullashit shampeachment will not be forwarded to the Senate, and the House has adjourned until next year.

    Some folks are worried this could slide out from under us.

    I’m not.

    If they stage a successful coup, it will simply be time to shoot the bastards, and no more fucking around wondering about when it’s time. (Claire Wolfe, call your office…)

    At that point, it ain’t about Trump, it’s about not tolerating living in a banana republic dictatorship.

    Open season, no bag limit, screw the regs.

    They want to play for blood, they’re going to find a lot of folks who’ll be their Huckleberry.
    Let’s see if they really want to open that ball.

    But it all becomes moot if Senate Majority Leader Yertle McTurtle simply states,

    “Since the House refuses to send forward any notification of impeachment in a timely manner, we hereby consider the entire baseless process null and void, and serve notice that we consider the matter closed to further consideration. If the Speaker is so uncertain the House’s action passes the basic fairness test, and meets normal standards of jurisprudence, we consider that no impeachment has been duly enacted by that body. If the House decides to do this all over again, from scratch, and this time they can find a shred of evidence for any of their charges that actually exist in U.S. Code, and an actual bona fide crime, and allows confrontation of witnesses and cross examination by the minority as well as the majority, and observes other basic and fundamental rules of American jurisprudence, the Senate may be inclined to take notice of an actual bill of impeachment that passes the standard set forth in the United States Constitution at that time, should the House return to the rule of law; but in an election year, we’re liable to be awfully busy. All in favor, say ‘Aye’. Motion passes. Senate adjourned.”

    If he did that, and called Nancy Alzheimer’s bluff,
    1) he’d win the argument
    2) the Leftards’ heads would explode
    3) The House would shift right by 50 seats
    4) rank and file Democrats would march on their leadership and set them on fire, alive
    5) right after Pres. Trump carried 45 states next November
    6) popcorn stocks would go through the roof

    Bring it.


  4. The Democrats have been so shockingly bad, I keep expecting them to somehow snap out of it and correct themselves. Of course, it is not happening. So take these few pre-Christmas days to just relax, knowing that we’ve been given a great gift this year.
    God bless you, Mundabor. You’ll be remembered in my Christmas masses, especially during the Asperges. 🙂

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