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Meet Francis And His Saintly Patience.

I am, alas, a bit late to this party.

Still, I would like to use this little space to praise Francis for his commendable behaviour on occasion of the incident in St Peter Square on 31 December.

An ethnically Chinese woman is seen grabbing the man, in one of those inappropriate, but spontaneous gestures of affection that simple people show to the ones they really care for. The likes of Padre Pio have experienced much, much worse, but they bore it with great patience and love for Christ’s sheep. Actually, it is reported that Padre Pio was the object of such an affection that he often had great difficulties in extricating himself from the mob, with the peasants trying to grab whatever could be grabbed. This is what simple faithful do. They touch. They grab. They yank. If someone does not like it (which I understand) perhaps he should greet people from the Pope mobile.

Francis was in this situation on the 31st. And I must say, his kind reaction surprised me.

As the woman grabs him and literally yanks him toward herself (good energy, ma’am! You know how fat the man is?), we see Francis smilingly, lovingly encouraging her to lose her grip. I must say I found it very edifying. As the woman – which is so typical of simple faithful – hesitates to let the object of her Catholic affection go, we see Francis gently, calmly, and totally, totally non-judgmentally, exhorting her to allow him to continue his walk. His demeanour is so calm, so kind, so Pope-like and, in a word, so noble, that I am, myself, surprised to see Francis behaving so well for once.

I must confess, in such a situation I would have expected Francis to react angrily, and perhaps even physically, to the woman’s behaviour. I would have expected him to physically force the woman away from him just as as he forcefully opened the little hands of the boy, joint in prayer, years ago. In the end, we all know he hates Catholics, and he goes through them just because his PR machine says he has to, and because he loves the camera like Hillary loves Huma Abedin.

But this time, I must say the man has surprised me.

Gentle, calm, loving, outright benign, noble Francis manages to surprise us for once. See for yourselves!

Can’t imagine why he had to apologise.




Wishing For A Conclave

Back at home after a long, deserved Christmas Holiday (you will be pleased to know that, after one year of Francistoxyns, I have stayed away from the man and his news as far as I could), I find myself reflecting on what I wish most for the Year of the Lord 2020, at least as far as the Church is concerned.

I wish a Conclave.

Of course, I do not know whether a Conclave would give us an even worse Pope than Francis. On the one hand, this would appear impossible, because the man is such a mixture of stupidity and arrogance. On the other hand, it is certainly thinkable if we think of a Pope just as evil as Francis, but not as stupid. Someone like Schoenborn, or perhaps Tagle (not sure about this one).

Why, then, do I wish a Conclave?

For several reasons.

Firstly, I refuse to accept Francis as the new normality. The man is an aberration in every conceivable way, and I for myself wish him gone, no matter what comes after him.

Secondly, I believe in Providence, and think that God sets things in motion in His own way. Whilst these ways have something of the miraculous at times, much more often things happen in their proper, expected ways, using the usual, expected channels. A Conclave is still the most likely way God will use to at least start to put an end to our punishment.

Lastly, because I can personally use the beautiful, lived reassurance that all bad things come to an end. I’d like to wake up in the morning and simply think: “remember Francis? Well, he’s gone now. All evil has an end”. Of course, I know this. But it would be nice to experience it, to see it come to pass in real life. It would be like a mini detox cure.

I obviously don’t know whether the Year of the Lord 2020 will be the one that will give us the Conclave; much less whether the Conclave would give us someone with at least some Catholic spirit. But what I know is that, bar an extremely improbable conversion of this cretin, all improvement will have to go through at least one Conclave. Bring it on, then. It would be like reshuffling the cards. You could end up worse than expected, but at least it’s a new game.

Still, and to conclude, I think we can safely say this: that even if the man is still in charge in one year’s time, his ability to damage the Church and confuse the faithful decreases every year, and it is difficult to think that the man is now seen as anything but a problem and an embarrassment from everyone but the extremely simple and the outright evil.

I wish him salvation, of course, and I invite you to do the same.

But boy, how I wish for a Conclave….


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