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Who Am I To Judge?

As I commented on the papal slapping episode the other day, I tried to be somewhat light in my irony against the man, as repeated observation of the video showed to me that, whilst Francis is most certainly a boor, this was an encounter of kindred souls: the behaviour of the woman being, in my book, undoubtedly and unjustifiably rude. A saintly Pope would have reacted differently. Still, try to be yanked that way at his age and I don’t know how calm you will remain.

Today’s post, however, is not about that, but about the stupidity of our times.

A Pope sabotages Catholicism every day for now almost seven years, and he gets one thousand passes from the liberal press, who want to be able to have their leftist hero. The theological abominations of this Pontificate are thoroughly ignored, and the holy farter received worldwide attention for….. things like stupidly criticising Trump for building a wall. In short, in almost seven years the msm never got even near to tell their audience what atrocious pope this cretin is. But let the man contravene the commandments of the religion of niceness, and the entire planet will be informed instantly.

This is, of course, entirely demented. Still, Francis deserves all the excrement that he had to eat, because he is part and parcel of that stupid, attention-seeking, platitude-spouting, nice-at-all-costs world that has now turned against him.

Francis does everything he can to impress the stupid masses. But being stupid, the masses will not make any distinction, fruit of sound reasoning, concerning a situation. Rather, they will look for the image, the gesture that goes around the world because it is so “new” to most (not to us: we know what a vulgar boor the man is) as to make instant conversation and gossip material.

Francis does not understand how it works, because, besides being arrogant, he is stupid. He has put himself in the hands of people who will tolerate countless heresies and blasphemies from him, but will not tolerate any offence against the religion of niceness.

You made this bed, Frankie Boy. Now you will have to lie in it.

And the exact word he said to the woman I still want to know; because whilst “bruja” is completely unwarranted, if he really said “puta” we are in real need of an intervention, like forbidding him all contact with public and journalists.

A stupid world can’t stop piling judgment on a Pope not because of countless heresies and scandals, but because of an unkind act. Can’t say I am very sad, though, and don’t think the man should be defended from the lynching now going on.

In the end, who am I to judge?

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