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Bending The Knee

Thd holy farter, aka Evil Clown, has given a sermon on the occasion of the Feast of the Epiphany. I want to help my readers to have their own epiphany about the nature of this quite remarkable individual.

I utterly and completely refuse to believe that Francis encouraged the present to “bend the knee” before Christ without knowing that he has been criticised, for many years now, for refusing to do just that. It is utterly and completely idiotic to think that this might have been the case. So, where does this leave us?

It leaves us at several aspects that seem typical of Francis’ character.

Firstly, he loves making Catholics angry. Petty man as he is, he will enjoy encouraging people to do what he himself refuses to do. It’s his ways of telling you that he really, really hates you. Because he can.

Secondly, he loves to show defiance of the Church and Her rules. It is as if he would say: “you bend the knee, you stupid pewsitter who think that there is a God above. But I don’t believe it, therefore I don’t; because I can”.

Thirdly comes the sheer laziness and self-centredness. This is a guy that skip concerts just because he feels Iike it, uncaring of all the faithful (and possibly donors) waiting for the meeting of their life. It does not surprise me that he would enjoy in telling the faithful, in so many words, “you bend the knee; I really won’t be bothered; because I am lazy; and because I can”.

There is really no way he does not know of the criticism against him. Therefore, this is Francis being Francis: a petty, resentful, spiteful, bitter, lewd old man.

It will be interested to see if he now starts genuflecting in front of the altar, and keeps doing it. I think he won’t.

I think he won’t for the reasons 1,2, and 3 above.

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