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Undertanding Trump: Short Post For The Benefit Of Misguided Liberals

President Trump has, in his most recent trip to Florida, chose to meet Evangelical Christians. Now, it is obviously wrong to be evangelical. However, the meeting is important because it shows that Trump does not make apologies for his Christian stance, and wants all Christians to know.

Liberals (and bad Christians), don’t understand Trump’s appeal for Christians. To them, the personal morality and history of Trump is what should come first. If Trump is shown to be below the lofty standards they have set for him, almost one million babies a year will have to be legally slaughtered in the womb of their respective mothers, because we can’t run the risk of looking bad, can we?

True Christian think and act – and vote – differently. If Trump appoints judges far better and more qualified than the political agitators preferred by Obama, he is their man, because they have their priorities in order.

Trump speaks to sound Americans, with sound beliefs, and with a no-nonsense approach to their Christian life. If they can make abortion illegal or more difficult to obtain, and protect religion freedom from the tyrannical ideology of the Left, they will choose the man who can deliver for them as much as he can.

This is why Trump keeps winning, and the Liberals keep losing.

They don’t understand his success, because they don’t know the world they live in.

They prefer to see the world through the eyes of retarded adolescents and scrounging bogus “scientist” instead.

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