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“Legal Fiction Based On Pseudoscience”: First Non-Binary Individual De-Non-Binarises Himself

I had to look to know what “non-binary” is supposed to mean, and even after looking I was not persuaded I had understood what it apparently means. What is clear is that there was one particular guy, called James Shupe, who was the first to be officially declared “non-binary”. Meaning, I think, that when he woke up in the morning he had to decide what “gender” he was that day, or that his gender is not what everybody sees it obviously is; one of the two.

It appears now that James Shupe has officially de-non-binarised himself.  

So, the first guy who, very officially didn’t know, now very officially knows and, having looked with great attention between his legs, has gone back to his authorities and has demanded that he be declared – for everybody to finally realise – a man.

Mister Sherlock Shupe has come to this realisation after discovering faith, and I really hope the guy stays on the right path. But I notice that Mr Shupe is on record with the following:

“I was indoctrinated to believe that I had this thing called a gender identity and that suppressing it was causing my mental health problems,” he added. “It was all a lie.”

So, a person with obvious mental problems is allowed to quarrel with the authorities of his land to have something “declared” that he thinks “helps”with whatever (a lot) is screwed in his head. With this train of thought, he could have been persuaded that he had the right to be officially declared God, or an elephant, and have this officially declared in his passport, because it helps him in the fight against depression.

It seems that Mr Shupe now feels better:

“I am and have always been male,” he said. “That is my biological truth, the only thing capable of grounding me to reality.”

This blatant banality is, nowadays, worthy of a headline and a quote. Biological Truth might actually become a “racist expression” at some point.

I wonder if Mr Shupe would have sued anyone who, in his Mssss Shupe phase, called him….. the way he absolutely wants to be called now. He is likely aware at this point that he has been instrumental in the most colossal attempt at silencing free speech, and even free thought, ever experienced in the West; an attempt that is still going on, though it is clear it will ultimately fail as the absurdity of this gender madness hit the populace where it hurts (female athletes, say).

Now, I am trying to have sympathy for Mr Shupe. It may be that he has finally seen the light. His clear statement, that the gender ideology is evil, and the fact that he now lives with his wife, might indicate that he also rejects his own (past, I hope) homosexuality, though he does not explicitly say so. However, we are here in front of what appears to have been, for a long time, a seriously deranged individual, and it will take a long time to be assured that this is not just a phase of sanity before the next jump in the parallel universe in which many of these people have decided to live, inflicting their fantasy world on all of us.

My take is: whenever you see an individual apparently coming back to sanity, hope he stays that way, but never cease wondering how the opinion of deranged individuals were allowed to be declared as parallel truths, to be followed by everyone.






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