Chaos On The Roads

The holy farter, aka Evil Clown, has now instituted a yearly “Bible Day” in order to appear…Protestant, with the argument that too many Bibles in Catholic households collect dust. All of it , obviously mixed with usual claptrap about rediscovering the freshness and the surprise of the Bible, and you see oncd again whiff of that heretical “spirit” behind all that Francis does.

It would certainly be good to read the Bible in well-instructed Catholic households, as they would naturally read the text in the proper way and constantly use their knowledge as a compass in their navigation of the texts. However, this haphazard “let’s read the Bible” from not properly instructed Catholics can too easily become a buffet, from which the uninformed believer extracts exactly what he likes, without putting it in the proper context. This would be very dangerous because, as we all know, even the devil can quote from the Bible.

The same mentality lurks every time someone says that we need to “discover” the message of the Bible.

Look, pal: the message is well known, it has been there for two thousand years, and it is not what you hoped it would be.

Francis and his ilk want to fundamentally transform Catholicism and plunge it into utter chaos. The modifications to the catechisms are one way of doing it. The invitation to just ignore the doctrine and jump straight to the sacred texts is another.

And then there is this Protestant attitude emerging. This undercurrent of “It’s me and my buddy, Jesus, alone”. Doesn’t it match beautifully with the “discernment” of the adulterers as to whether they should receive?

It does not work that way.

The depositum fidei comes first. Sacred scriptures are read in the sense given to them by the depositum fidei. The Church was there before the New Testament. The Church decided what constitutes the New Testament. There is a logical succession and ranking between them.

Francis want people to drive, who have forgotten the Highway Code.

This is exactly the attitude of the one who wants chaos on the roads.

And he is supposed to be Catholic, for crying out loud.

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  1. In some of my arguments with Protestants re the Bible I make the claim that the Bible is like lecture notes. Unless the notes are explained according to the mind of the teacher a casual reader can make just about anything they want of it with a bit of selection and “interpretation”.

  2. It is reported he also just said something like there is very little distance between a Protestant service and the Holy Mass. Of course the Holy Eucharist makes the distance galaxies, but he does not believe in the Real Presence. He would gather the Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, Pagans, probably Satanists, and all and sundry, under his big Globalist tent, his one world religion. Control over the dumb masses.
    Mundabor are you nauseated as we are about the eerie “Cirque de Soleil” circus performances in Vatican Hall? How many of these bizarre spectacles do they have! It seems weekly. One suspects they are telling us something with these weird public displays.

  3. Pegon Zellschmidt

    I didn’t think we needed the Bible, anyway, after Francis’ “Who am I to judge?” Doesn’t that about cover it except for Trump and climate deniers?

  4. Thank you very much, Mundabor, for this well-crafted and very important comment on this latest idea from PF on a “Bible Day.” I’ve been a “Bible Study teacher” for many years in both the evangelical churches and, for twenty years now, in the Church. I can recognize and affirm what you have said. We cannot emphasize this enough: that the church gave us the Bible. The Bible came out of the church, not the other way around. And we don’t approach Scriptures leaning on our own understanding, devising whatever meaning sounds right to us.
    How long, O Lord, will Pope Francis be sitting there? The Bible doesn’t itself tell us, but my reading today took me to Deuteronomy, where Moses is reviewing the soon-to-be successful entrance into the Promised Land. Why were the Ammorhites finally annihilated then? Because the Lord God said something to Abraham many generations earlier: his descendants would return to the Promised Land and defeat the Ammorhites after the fullness of the sins of the Ammorhites would be completed.
    How much worse will it get in the Vatican before the “fullness of the wickedness” is completed? The Triumph of the church is in God’s hands.

  5. Protestant seminary-trained convert from a long line of Protestant pastors, here. You nailed it. NAILED IT. I will admit, the reading of the Scriptures {in my case, Cover-to-Cover/Over-and-Over} CAN lead one to the Catholic faith, as it did me, BUT…as you say, even the Devil can quote Scripture and “me and my Bible” have often led to the creation of hideous sects and the defense of immoralities, both by bad interpretation AND by handy omission {eg, the Protestant’s defense of divorce and ignoring of Jesus’ condemnation of adulterous re-marriage, the scourge of the world today}. As a Protestant relative once told me, for example…”I don’t care WHAT the ‘Early Church Fathers’ said, all I care about is…JEESUS”.

  6. To be sure, grace. Merely “reading the Bible” may lead an individual to any number of conclusions about the Church or God for that matter. In my case, years of Scripture reading convinced me of the inadequacy of the Protestant interpretations, leaving me with “no option” but to investigate the Catholic Church, an option I previously didn’t really take seriously, tho for some years it had been a question in my mind. I am glad I did, and subsequently, so did my wife and all my kids {adults}. Now having left the chaos of Protestantism behind,with this pontificate, we have another sort of war to fight. This is a war worth fighting.

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