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Danton Emeritus Speaks

The news is everywhere that a book is about to be published, in which the Emeritus frontally attacks the Amazon Synod plans for married priests. This, from the background of an expected Excrementation from Francis, which is expected to use oblique words to allow the praxis to be introduced by those who want to introduce it, without Francis having to admit that he wants them to. Perhaps, who knows, using footnotes.

This is an interesting development, because the Emeritus has, up to now, lavished his successor with V II praise, whilst paying attention that he himself is always seen as a tad more Catholic than the other. This time, it won’t be so easy.

Benedict’s cry is the cry of the Vatican II man, who does not want a V III. But Benedict is every bit a part of the problem, so kettles and pot come to mind. Granted, the Emeritus is on the right side here. Still, I won’t praise Danton just because of Robespierre.

The Emeritus has never denounced Francis as a heretic. This is like Dr Frankenstein watching his creature in horror. I invite all of my readers to keep a fundamental fact in mind: without the Conciliar Popes there would be no Francis, because V II is the beginning of the slippery slope that must lead to reverse gear or chaos. I wonder if Benedict got this in the end, and frankly I doubt.

I wonder if Francis will now wait for Benedict’s death before publishing his Excrementation. I doubt he will show this modicum of tact. What I suspect, is that the Excrementation will be published soon, and will be a middle finger shown to Benedict, too.

What a tragic figure, this Benedict. Too weak to be orthodox, but still too Catholic to be loved by the world. Without the nerve to embrace the fight Providence has given to him, and choosing to retire rather than fight the homo mafia. Too German to rock the boat when the monstrosity of Francis’ pontificate became clear to him. Too insecure, and unwilling to be called a Celestino, therefore keeping habit and title (of sort) and engendering more confusion. Benedict, like Paul VI, specialised in occasional right acts in the middle of a vast subservience to the wrong ones, his desire to do good always hampered by the awareness of the problems this would create for him. Now, at the end of his life, he gives us another trinket. But it is fairly little, and mighty late.

Danton is dying. Robespierre is thriving (for now).

I want the end of the revolution, and the condemnation of both.

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