Pray For Poor, Tragic, Weak Benedict

It was only yesterday when I compared Benedict to a Danton of Francis’ Robespierre: both very bad, but one recognisably worse than the other.

Today, another bomb: Benedict* substantially denies paternity of the book he has co-authored*.

This is vintage Benedict: “I want to do the right thing. But when it attracts criticism or there is a big fight brewing, you’ll see me running away like a Bavarian hare”.

This is the guy who commissioned a brutal study to investigate homosexuality in the Church and, when he had the truth dished to him, preferred to quit rather than fight the fight obviously in front of him. This is the guy who first issued Summorum Pontificum and then watched as the measure was boycotted the world over. This is the guy who gave off a whiff of Catholicism, whilst continuing to appoint atrocious bishops. This is the guy who tried to distance himself from JP II’s ecumenism, but then had to make another scandalous Assisi gathering. This is, finally, the Emeritus who is never short of some vaguely sounding conservative noise, until the game gets tough.  Then he does what he always did in life: abandon the fight, for fear of the wolves.

I add another trait of Benedict that some of you might not be aware of: he is as gregarious as even a German can be. He never rocks the boat. He never does the controversial thing. He may try, at times; but when his actions cause controversy, he just surrenders. He goes with the flow. He is the very antithesis of a shepherd. This one was born sheep.

Benedict* has gravely insulted Cardinal Sarah and the intelligence of every sound Catholic. The very idea that a book (with all the legal implication of the matter) might be ready for publishing, with date announced, without him controlling every detail, from the text to the authorship to the title to the book cover, is just stupid. The publisher and the Cardinal have already exposed him as, I must say, a coward and a liar*.

It really is sad to behold.

At the age of 94, Benedict keeps doing it wrong, and he keeps being misled into appeasing everything and everyone, but Christ.

Sinner as I am, I seriously would not want to be him when he dies.

He will be remembered as a tragic, weak figure. A Paul VI on steroids, but with more erudition.

Pray for the poor guy.

He might not understand the situation he is in, but we do.


*as always: it does not matter that Gaenswein said it. If Benedict does not correct him, he owns what Gaenswein said.

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  1. Horacio Juan Boló


  2. Du hast absolut Recht!

  3. I have yet to read the book, but a friend in Rome tells me it’s typical milquetoast Benedict: the Synod was good, its interpretations (including the pagan ritual in the Vatican garden) are bad; Vatican II was good, its interpretations are bad. The man is too weak and too invested in all the rot to call a spade a spade. It’s difficult to take him seriously any longer.

  4. rockvillecatholic

    Your observations over the past few days about Pope Benedict XVI and his leadership skills are well stated, but I wonder if you overlook two things.

    You reap what you sow. This old saying takes on special meaning when Americans and Brits view any modern German in a prominent position. Why? Since the conclusion of World War II, the Allies have made a special effort to eliminate from public service any German who would not do the bidding of the conquerors. That effort continues to this day, although the Military Occupation of Germany is now done under the NATO banner. Any leader who would espouse Tradition is derailed from rising in the ranks and shunted aside in his career. That effort includes all aspects of German life, both secular and religious. The formation of Church leadership was not exempt from the “guidance” of the USA and Great Britain, and that has yielded its fruits with the likes of Walter Kasper, Reinhard Marx, and of course, Joseph Ratzinger. They bend to the whims of the Elite and the Times, but Benedict to his credit has misgivings as to what has happened to the Church. Americans and Brits are hypocritical when we criticize German Leaders, religious or lay, if they appear weak because that is what we want them to be. Subservience is expected of vassals!

    The other element to keep in mind is personal safety. Benedict XVI is very much a prisoner of the Vatican and he needs to maintain a low profile. Prudence requires that. After all, didn’t a cousin of the late Archbishop Marcinkus publish a book last year in which he claims to have been part of the team that poisoned Pope John Paul I? Benedict is aware of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of JPI and although he is advanced in years, he probably does not want to speed his demise.

    • I fully agree with the first point. I disagree with the second. Clearly the man can communicate with anyone at pleasure. Clearly, he would have been poisoned years ago to avoid the issue of the “two Popes”. Still, at 94 and a Pontiff Emeritus he should not care for this stuff. You want to be Pope, you need to be ready to die.

      P.S. JP I died of embolism. It had already almost killed him once. It happens.

  5. No respect for the guy. Don’t care how brainy he is, will never read one of his books

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