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Munich, Part Two

I have published very recently a short post about my satisfaction with the events in Munich. I would like to expand on this with a couple of personal considerations.

I do not think that it is necessary to #unitetheclans. We are all united in Christ, and it is from Christ that we get our strength. We do not need to become a counter church and in fact, such an event would be very dangerous as it would really, really lead many to schism.

Also, we do not need a charismatic lay leader, a Joan of Arc taking the lead and being followed by a faithful army. The heretic are not wreaking havoc because they are better organised. They are wreaking havoc because they are in power.

The resistance to heresy is not doing poorly. It is doing wonderfully, and I think that in centuries to come – and, of course, in heaven – this will be duly honoured. In fact, this resistance has managed to become of common knowledge among tepid Catholics and even heretics because of their untiring defence of orthodoxy. We don’t need a supreme commander because we don”t need to invade the Vatican, and for what we need- the return of sanity at the moment God appoints – we are doing quite fine.

We should welcome the Munich initiative. We should welcome every other initiative of the sort. We should welcome every rosary crusade and dissident interview. We should welcome any bishop who dares to say the truth. The one thing we should not be concerned about is having a Resistance Supremo, or a Resistance Party. Let everyone fight for Christ as he knows best. I think this is what is expected from the Laity now.

And the Clergy? The Clergy has largely abandoned us. When God wants to send us a new Athanasius, he will appear. For the moment, it looks like we haven’t deserved him. But in the fourth Century the Laity did not wait for Athanasius, either.

This time is no different.


I read about the event in Munich and I was, actually, pleased.

If the #unitetheclans stuff is important to you, you will be pleased to see that several groups were involved. No, not everybody was informed. Honestly, I would not be offended by it.

The organisers will have had their reasons to make of this an event restricted to certain groups. The fact is, they were and are under no obligation to have all the world participate. Some would have organised this in a different way, and they are free to organise everything they want, and invite whomever they want.

The event was a success. The Archdiocese was surprised, Archbishop Vigano’ made an appearance, the Catholic world is talking about it.

I am not sure it is wise to complain because one was not invited.

If anyone talks about egos colouring the event, I would wonder about his ego. Was it so important that everybody is there? Trad Catholics don’t want to be a counter church. They don’t need to be monolithic. What they need to do, is to voice their disapproval. God in Heaven, who sees them all, will one day cause the effort of them all to come to fruition.

I am thankful for this event and would like to express my gratitude to all those who have taken part.

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