Meet President Trump, The Myth-Slayer

Once again, the Great President took it on himself to expose the myth of the Religion Of Doom and tell the planet that the dangerous fantasies of its priests aim at the total domination of the world population.

This was not only very beautiful and eloquent in itself. It was more beautiful, because the attack was carried out in the very lair of the Globalist Wolf. A wolf cosily sipping champagne and flying private jet, I admit, but a wolf nevertheless. How about this:

These alarmists always demand the same thing – absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.

Trump is expressing – in his usual, robust way – what many thinks. He speaks for the hard working, no-nonsense people.

He is also a powerful voice against atheism, then the fantasy of a world about to self-destruct because of the number of souls living in it, and because of the “effect ” of too much of two of its most common components (carbon and oxygen) is a blasphemy, beside being dumb beyond word. If these people believe in God (which they don’t: and why no-one ever asks little Greta, or rather her father, about that?), they must believe in some dumb creator, extremely poor at planning, working with second-class material, unable to make a house for His creatures they would not destroy not with apocalyptic wars, but simply by living. The godlessness is on par with the stupidity.

Imagine now if Hillary had been elected. The activism would be deafening, at least in words; and the action, whilst relatively limited, would still cause great damage to the world’s economy.

Trump went to Davos like a voice of reason preaching to the inmate of the madhouse; and he did it not so that the madman get sane (the real madmen won’t; those who stand to profit from the Madness Economy have no interest in changing), but so that the sane recognise the madhouse.

Thank God for this great man.

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  1. catholictradition2

    Great goord news, praise be to God!

  2. In the NYC Borough of Manhattan, where the NWO Leftist Oligarchs reside, denying The Most Blessed Trinity, worshipping Mammon inside of Anti-Christian Houses of Worship, and in the Washington Swamp, where power is a narcotic, paid for by the Manhattan, Whorelyweird & Silicon Valley Oligarchy, the DIABOLICAL HATRED spewed by 3 of the 4 Broadcast Networks for the Benefit of The Oligarchy, Trump has done a magnificent job, despite these Most Vile of Traitors.

  3. Oh my God, absolutely, we thank God for him all the time. Especially when we think of where we would be if she had won. Hopefully even more people understand how blessed we have been that this great man loves the nation and our people to the level he does. I’ve voted in every election since I was old enough, before young people were indoctrinated into politics. We’ll not see his kind again, he’s like Haley’s comet. God bless him, protect him, guide him, and be with him and his family.

  4. With all his hysterics about climate change and eco sins, Pope Bergoglio is the global high priest of the religion of doom.

  5. It was quite amusing to see the stone-cold expression on Greta T’s face as she sat there listening to President Trump. I did wonder how Greta got to Davos – presumably she walked from Sweden to reduce her carbon footprint.

    • She always has that expression. She is unable to get normal facial expressions. And this little, pathetic creep (remote controlled by her parents) is at the head of a cult.

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    Yes …”Trump is expressing in his usual robus way what we all think. Thank God for this great man.”

  7. I was proud of the common sense, reality-based speech that President Trump gave to all the climate change alarmists and global opportunists. He is exactly what this country needed: a non-politician, a patriot, and genius businessman who knows how to get things done. Although a Protestant, he is still more Catholic than the Marxist, apostate pope. If we had Hillary as president at the same time we had Francis as pope, the darkness would have been unbearable. That’s why I sense the hand of God, who never abandons His children, at work in the last election.

    The US populace has become so polarized about the impeachment and other issues, that one can’t even discuss politics unless it’s with the like-minded. It’s as if some evil force has descended upon this country and is infecting people’s minds. I pray that the Lord protect Donald Trump from all evil doers who wish to harm him.

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