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Swallowed Whole

Archbishop Chaput was long considered, by the naive proponents of the V II Church Of Milquetoast, a “conservative”. After his announced departure from Philadelphia, Francis very recently appointed his successor. This man, named Perez, is universally considered a liberal and supporter of FrancisChurch.

You would expect that Chaput, the first Archbishop of Philadelphia to not be made Cardinal in a long time, would either elegantly shut up about this appointment, or limit himself to the usual diplomatic words, like wishing his successor a fruitful work etc.

Instead, Chaput goes on record with this .

We see here the V II Cuckchurch at work. Obedience to the earthly boss come before obedience to Christ. This obedience must be shown publicly and in very clear terms. The approval and celebration of everything that Francis does is the new doctrine. It is like the Chinese Communist Party.

Wasc Chaput never a real conservative? Was he merely playing a more moderate role in the FrancisTheater? Was he told that, if he behaves and is a good cheerleader for The Francis, he might still get that red hat? Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps, and more probably, he is just another Benedict, so eager to please the powers that be, no matter what, because he thinks that loyalty to heresy is, in some strange way, the thing to do.

Chaput has been a disappointment for many years, and his social view far more aligned with Francis than any bishop has any right to. But it is so sad to see this constant abject servitude to Francis, this unedifying boot licking spectacle from people who, at least, were not suspected of siding with Francis’ open heresies.

Chaput unconditional, enthusiastic approval of the appointment of his liberal successor is just another example of the deterioration of the higher echelons of our clergy, of the universally spread view that Francis must be praised in absolutely every circumstance. It makes me sad, and it persuades me more and more that even very many of those bishops who appeared to have a sound basis of Catholicism in them consider themselves obliged to stretch their arm, and cry “heil Francis!”, with the best of the liberal troops.

And no, I might be wrong, but I think Francis will not give him his red hat, either; not before his 80th birthday and very likely, if Francis is still alive, not after that. His gesture will be remembered as a sad capitulation, when a dignified reserve would have been very easy and would have been understood by everyone.

Sad. So sad.

This one once had potential.

The machine has swallowed him whole.

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