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Mundabor’s Quite Astoundingly Efficacious Recipe Against Abortion

A horrible blog aggregator (no link!) has the usual stuff about “helping people where they’re at” (no idea where the usage comes from. Blacks? If I had written it at school, it would have been marked a mistake). As always, things are complicated, we are detached, we seek simple solutions for complex problems, etc. Oh, how peace and love, dialogue and understanding would help!

I would like to offer, here, my two cents. Feel free to be offended. I would be very happy to live in your head, totally rent free, for a while.

Contrary to the opinion of many wannabe philosophers, the solution to most problem *is* simple.

Nazism was destroyed by just… physically destroying it.

Communism crumbled when it was aggressively tackled, and forced to choke under the weight of the challenge.

Saddam Hussein ceased to be a danger when he was invaded. His sons ceased to be a danger when they were terminated.

The Brigate Rosse started to be defeated when the Italian Government started to, actually, be willing to kill them.

It works every time. You kill the enemy, and the enemy is suddenly not a threat anymore. As to the multiplication of the enemy always promised by the Cucktelligentsia if you get tough (be that Islamic or Italian terrorist, just to make two examples) *I have never seen it*.

A dead terrorist does not magically transform himself in a propaganda wonder. He transforms himself into a corpse. I have never seen corpses killing people. I have also noticed that the willingness of people to die as “martyrs” is way, way below what the prophets of doom keep telling us.

Therefore, I present to you

Mundabor’s Quite Astoundingly Efficacious Recipe Against Abortion

(drum roll…)

1. Brutal legislation

2. Brutal enforcement

3. Brutal communication

Abortion is murder. Make legislation treating abortion as murder, enforce it just as you do with murderers, and don’t pussyfoot around the issue.  Headline: “woman jailed for 28 years for murdering her own baby; doctor gets 35 years; boyfriend who procured the address 21”.

Also, forget all sociological analysis, and focus on… repression. I have been around the block enough to know that, whatever leftists say, repression works.

To those who give the trite answer that baby murder will continue to happen, but this time illegally, I reply that we will never obtain the complete disappearance of criminal behaviour. Murder still happens. Terrorism still happens. But it happens on a small scale, compared to what would happen if the behaviour were just legal. If (say) 900,000 abortions all over the USA (or, say, 110,000 in Italy, or 130,000 in the UK) are treated like murder, someone will still risk 20, 25 or 30 years in jail to abort. However, they will be few and far between. You need a lot of money, and a vast criminal energy, to make people defy *that*.

I saw the effect of enforcement in so many societal changes that I have lost count. I remember the time when, in Italy, it was common for a restaurant owner to declare a lower income than any of his waiters. Nowadays, the restaurant must be really doing bad, and the enforcement against tax evasion is so brutal that, last time I looked, not even the cleaning lady could be paid in cash.

It works. If one is smart enough to adopt harsh legislation and to dedicate enough energy to enforcement, it always does. Mussolini eradicated drunkenness from the Country. Yeah, you still had the occasional drunkard. But no, he changed the landscape on that. It wasn’t made with dialogue and understanding, or an army of social workers perpetuating the mutual dependency.

What is your real priority: the end of abortion (as far as practicable) or just looking good, and sweet of heart? If it is the first, start supporting harsh measures, and no mistake.

Yes, it means sending to jail – inter alia –  the mother. The threat of a very long jail sentence will clear the mind uncannily, and a baby will thank you.

Most problems have simple solutions.

From the answer people give to them you are generally able to gauge how really interested in the solution they are.









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