Daily Archives: February 3, 2020


Two remarkable took place last Friday. The first is Brexit. The second is the vote on additional witnesses in the Senate, all but assuring Trump’s victory in the impeachment battle.

In both cases, the Prophets Of Doom have done all they can to terrify the voters and tell them that, unless they do what their “betters” say, Britain and, respectively, American Democracy are in danger. Turns out they looked, as every prophet of doom always does, very stupid.

In Britain, trains are running and motorways are flowing just as every other day. People go about their business in the usual way. The economy is robust. Free Trade agreements are about to start being negotiated. As always, there will be challenges. As always, people will cope with them.

In the United States, the Trump Train appears all but unstoppable, and only a great dosis of complacency or sudden death or disease can now prevent a great victory in November. There were no signs of impending revolutions over the weekend. It seems Americans have decided that, Democrats notwithstanding, democracy is working just fine.

Honestly, can’t wait for the next Impeachment run, possibly based on Trump’s motorcade speeding. It will be fun to see the Dims shoot themselves in the foot, again.

The prophets of doom are losing ground, fast. They have simply abused the argument, which was never one in the first place. The common sense of the hard-working normal people is not so easy to eradicate. It is the same, by the way, for the impending EnviroDoom, which is not gaining any meaningful traction in normal people’s behaviour.

Keep screaming, Prophets Of Doom.

We will keep winning.

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