The Producers

Series 2 of the “Impeach Him!” reality TV show went to an end yesterday, with the brutal rejection of the Democrat machinations by all Republicans Senators but one, the well-known Senator Judas from Utah (I think he writes as Pierre Delecto, too).

The TV show achieved abysmal ratings, vastly disappointing its creators in the Democratic Party. It never gained traction, and as the episodes went on it was clear that the public was not only not interested but, actually, positively hostile. Even the mass media hostile to him must admit that Trump’s popularity reached a new high during the impeachment show. What they don’t tell you, is that Trump likely achieved this new high in popularity, at least in part, because of it.

I followed the last episode of Series 2, live, yesterday evening. I enjoyed every minute. Not even the strident whining of Chuck Schumer managed to make me angry. In fact, I found his warnings about the impending end of Democracy As We Know It quite amusing. Thank you, Mr Schumer, for this bit of entertainment! We all know that the (mediocre) comedian blood runs in the family.

The Producers of Series 1, revolving around Russia, and Series 2, revolving around the Ukraine, must now decide whether to start Series 3 of this shameless reality show. The end of Series 2 hints at such a decision: the screenplays have decided to create another TV fantasy and have Trump end Series 2 as King. Therefore, it stands to reason that Series 3 has been already approved, the casting is going on as we speak, and production will begin as soon as practicable.

However, the producers of the show need to reflect on this: whilst Series 1 could attract a certain audience for a long while and managed to keep the public entertained, Series 2 – which was much shorter to boot – had the public bored, annoyed, or even enraged rather fast. Therefore, Series 3 constitutes a great risk. It could do much more damage than the already disastrous Series 2, as the public decide that they really have had enough of bad reality TV shows of this sort.

I, for myself, wish for Series 3 to start soon (It could start very soon: Series 2 first went on air merely days after the end of Series 1!), as I think that it would greatly help Trump’s reelection prospects, which are excellent anyway. In a strange way, I think it might be ghoulishly entertaining to watch. I am, I must confess, getting accustomed to it as I can barely remember a time without this TV show (heck, I think Obama was still President!).

Alas, it does not help to promote sound legislation on infrastructure etc. and will more or less paralyse the legislation activity; but hey, I don’t think the Producers of Series 1 and 2 will give us the sensible collaboration that would be necessary, so I had better enjoy the entertainment they can clearly give us.

The next weeks, perhaps days, will likely tell us whether Series 3 is going to get approved.

It is amazing to see how much The Producers do not care for viability or commercial success. They seem to love the show as a welcome escape from a sad reality (for them and their cult followers; the rest of the Country is in an excellent mood) and they might well have developed a dangerous addiction.

Stay tuned.

It might be very, very fun to watch.



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  1. If the Democrats had a good message and good candidates these anti-Trump series wouldn’t be necessary. But they don’t. And their empty tank rhetoric will only assure a loss in November.

  2. So . . . a smartphone app to relay results to Democratic Party headquarters at the Iowa Primary was coded by – drumroll – a tech firm run by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Welcome to the Democratic Primary Reality Show in which participants try to prop up Biden and sideline Bernie. The Iowa fiasco was sooooo enjoyable to watch. On to New Hampshire! Won’t it be a hoot if Bernie gets the nomination?

  3. I’m bracing myself for a nightmare—a self proclaimed sodomite with his “husband” at his side on Inauguration Day. Note how he is affectionately and jocularly known as “Mayor Pete” by the MSM. He should be getting his papal blessing and/or invite to the Vatican soon. Please Lord, no. But perhaps the Lord will give us what we truly deserve with the enshrinement of “gay marriage” and 65,000,000 dead babies via abortion in these United States.

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