Daily Archives: February 9, 2020


In the last year or so, I have noticed a word used fairly often by the Left: “dehumanising”.

They use it every time someone describes one of their own in some time-honoured, typical fashion, for example calling him “ass”, “donkey”, “cow”, “bitch”, or the like. So, if I say that Nancy Pelosi has the brains of a hare – or, much more spontaneously, that she is a cow with the addition of Botox – I am “dehumanising” her. I am, or so they say, preparing the ground for the alleged Nazi behaviour of Trump supporters, who – so goes the theory – are depriving their opponent of their dignity of human beings as a prelude to putting them all in ovens, or something like that.

If you think this is totally deranged, reflect that a prominent members of the Leftist Cult has declared – quite officially, and not joking in the least – in the Senate, that, if Trump is not stopped, he could give Alaska to the Russians in exchange for help by the next election. I know, I know….

Well, I am more than somewhat surprised that the accusation of “dehumanising” human beings should come from exactly that corner.

These are people who support the right of a mother to kill her baby up to the moment of birth. 

Let us sink that for a bit, and let us reflect of who is “dehumanising”: me for calling Pelosi a cow, or them for killing babies in the womb.



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