In the last year or so, I have noticed a word used fairly often by the Left: “dehumanising”.

They use it every time someone describes one of their own in some time-honoured, typical fashion, for example calling him “ass”, “donkey”, “cow”, “bitch”, or the like. So, if I say that Nancy Pelosi has the brains of a hare – or, much more spontaneously, that she is a cow with the addition of Botox – I am “dehumanising” her. I am, or so they say, preparing the ground for the alleged Nazi behaviour of Trump supporters, who – so goes the theory – are depriving their opponent of their dignity of human beings as a prelude to putting them all in ovens, or something like that.

If you think this is totally deranged, reflect that a prominent members of the Leftist Cult has declared – quite officially, and not joking in the least – in the Senate, that, if Trump is not stopped, he could give Alaska to the Russians in exchange for help by the next election. I know, I know….

Well, I am more than somewhat surprised that the accusation of “dehumanising” human beings should come from exactly that corner.

These are people who support the right of a mother to kill her baby up to the moment of birth. 

Let us sink that for a bit, and let us reflect of who is “dehumanising”: me for calling Pelosi a cow, or them for killing babies in the womb.



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  1. Nothing that you say can “dehumanize” nanzi pelozi.
    She has done that thoroughly and completely all by herself.
    Referencing her as a soulless weasel in human form would be a step up from who she actually is.

  2. Stéphane Mercier

    Dear M., I have translated your post on abortion intro French. My boss will now decide whether he wants to have it published or not here in Belgium, but I’m happy to let you know that I also sent the translation to a friend in Switzerland who publishes a pro-life magazine (in French too). He told me he’ll be glad to include your post in the next issue of the magazine witthin the upcoming weeks. Dr. Mundabor’ medical prescription will thus deliver the red pill about abortion to French-speaking people in Switzerland, all for the sake of sanity! I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again for the invogorating prose!

  3. They dehumanize pre-born babies, while humanizing animals, like cats and dogs in ASPCA ads. It drives me nuts!

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