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Cardinal Sarah Pulls A Burke

Once again, we have to endure the spectacle of a Cardinal professing allegiance to the very man at the root of the present scandal and confusion, ” pulling a Burke” and trying to be Catholic whilst professing great loyalty and vicinity to Pachamama Pope.

Cardinal Sarah’s so vociferous protestations of allegiance to Francis is the perfect picture explaining why we are where we are: because the heretics wreaks havoc, whilst the Cardinals profess allegiance to them.

Like Burke before him, Sarah seem to believe that there is something in Francis’ water, or in the air around him. This something creates strange and inconvenient situations; for which, however, Francis is never to blame. There must really must be something wrong in the pizza over there.

Nor is this limited to Cardinals.

All the Benedict fanboys over there, living in a dream in which the old man is kept “prisoner”, do not behave much differently. The obvious complicity of Benedict with Francis, minus one or two meowing promptly downplayed when it becomes clear that they displease Pachamama Boy, must be due to every possible evil influence, but Benedict himself; a man who communicates who knows how many times with cardinals and publishers but is now, mysteriously, evidently kept prisoner, like a horribly wrinkly Rapunzel, by some evil archbishop or other.

I have abandoned hope that the solution will come from men. There is just not enough of those among bishops and cardinals. The solution, when it comes, will come out of Divine Intervention, with the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

It seems clear to me that God is showing us that the Vatican II movement is a betrayal of God and His Church, and that He is putting in front of our eyes, with a just but terrible majesty, what happens when we betray.

One day, I am persuaded that the generations of the newly found sanity will not see a picture of heresy in Francis, but a movie of rebellion beginning with John XXIII and going through all the other Popes, until the unavoidable consequence of Francis III, or Francis IV, or whoever he will be, until God puts an end to this madhouse.

I am curious to see how Cardinal Sarah wants to put an end to abominations, when he himself is at pain to remain in the graces of Pope Abominable. Nor will it be of any use, then he will be set aside like, say, Müller before him.

Francis does not tolerate any “loyal opposition “. No leftist evil man ever does.

Cardinal Sarah has pulled a Burke, and I am ashamed of the clergy that God has allotted to us in this shameful times; clergy, mind my words, who are the direct consequence of the rebellion most people in the pews have gladly supported.

We keep hoping, and praying. We will die without seeing a solution on this earth. But we don’t need to. The day of our death will mark the end of confusion, and the entry in a world of perfect mercy and perfect justice.

This mess might go on for who knows how many decades yet. But we, we must only stay strong and keep being faithful for the time allotted to us. Seen in this way, it is easier to see the way forward: fidelity to our last breath, no matter how many evil Popes succeed Pachamama Guy.

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